Butlins Skegness

Day 1

Ok so I’m going to tell you about the crag journey to Skegness. So the drive from London is over 4 hours and. I wasn’t about to do that with 2 toddlers so I said nope, packed my bags and caught the rain.

There was only one simple train change but I was shocked to see only 3 coaches with so many people and their suitcases trying to get on. It was an absolute nightmare. It seem like everyone on that train was going to Butlins as it was FULL of crying kids.

It was a terrible experience if I’m honest. Ridiculously cramped and hot but as you can imagine, that train journey didn’t put me in the best of moods.

We arrived on the resort around 4pm after having the craziest train ride here and the kids were tired and hungry! Now it’s known that you can access your room from 4pm so we thought this would be a perfect time to arrive and get the kids settled.

Oh boy were we wrong. So we arrived at the check in point, we saw a bunch of people sitting around looking tired and fed up. I think to myself “oh boy here we go” I hand over my details to the check in desk expecting to receive my pack with my key card immediately (like I did at the Butlins Bognor site) but I was told me it would be a 20 minute wait. 20 minutes quickly turned into an hour and my little girl was getting more and more restless by the second.

I was fuming and so were so many others. It was completely disorganised with only 3 people working at the check in desk. I was ANNOYED 😑

We eventually got our key card and were given directions to where we would be staying. The accommodation was lovely despite having to wait so long to access it. We dropped our things ofF and decided to explore Butlins a little more.

We spent some time in the arcade, grabbed some dinner and then the kids ended up playing in this little outdoor water fountain which they loved.

We arrived back to our accommodation around 8:30pm when I noticed the place was full of ANTS 😑. Absolutely fuming again, I called up Butlins asking them to do something about it. My little one was scared and I wasn’t about to sleep in a bed infested with ants!

It took around 40 minutes for someone to come around with ant killing spray. I said that wasn’t enough and they moved us to a slightly bigger place. Not the greatest start to a staycation but I was hoping the next day would be better.

Day 2 was pretty awesome. We woke up around around 8am and decided that swimming first thing in the morning would be fun! I’ve heard good things about their water park so had my expectations high and they were fulfilled! Their water park is huge and they have a great area for under 5s which my little girl loved! She was so confident in the pool and was swimming and splashing away.

For the safety of children, you’re not allowed to take pictures at the pool (that’s most pools tbh) and also I don’t want to get my phone wet lol so I’ve googled a view images for you to see.

After that, we decided to take the little ones to the tots fairground. A fairground just for little ones under 5. There’s a few rides they can go on without being accompanied by an adult which is great. There’s nothing worse than being squashed on a children’s ride 🤣 there’s also a little park, soft play area and an arcade for little kids too. Check out some of the pics below.

The kids didn’t seem to want to take their naps today so we ended up going to the beach too. As much as I HATE sand I prefer it to pebbles so it was a nice change from the pebbles at the Bognor site.

In the evening we took the girls to two different shows just to really tire them out so they could be in bed before Love Island started 🤣

Butlins have an app that tells you everything that’s on as well as where and directions to get there which is fab👏🏽

Day 3

Today we decided to explore Skegness and well it’s your typical seaside town. Full of arcades, chippys and places to buy gifts.

To end the day off we watched the Teletubbies live show which both the kids loved. It’s a great feeling when you see your child’s face light up after seeing their favourite TV show characters.

Day 4

We started the day off with a photoshoot with Mr Tickle then watching The Mr Men & Little Miss show after which the kiddies loved!

We spent a few hours at the fairground, the arcade then it was straight to bed for an early night. We knew the journey back would be super long so we needed as much rest as possible.

Day 5 was home time. As much as I love staycations and holidays abroad, there’s nothing like the comfort of your own home and BED! I was excited to leave. We ended up getting the coach back which was a 5 hour journey but it was so much better than the train!

Right so I did say I would tell you guys how I got 4 nights for 2 adults and 2 kids for £60. Here’s how…

Our holiday cost a total of £60. 2 adults and 2 toddlers for 4 nights! Absolute bargain! We booked with the sun holidays. You may remember me talking about about this on my post about Butlins Bognor.

Now I booked a date which is called a “pay only date” which means I paid no extras money such as service charge or entertainment passes. These dates are usually during school time so it’s best for people with just babies and toddlers.

The best way to get your head around the whole process, is to join this Facebook group. There are plenty of posts of people asking questions and them being answered.

Would I go again?

Most definitely, despite the mishaps it was a lovely place. The journey was way too long though but there’s no way to avoid that until teleportation is invented lol.

I do think I prefer the Bognor site just because it’s closer to home 😀

I’m hoping to visit the Minehead site next year so I will be doing a blog post on that too😊

Hope you all enjoyed reading 😀

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