Our Fabulous Trip To Salou

Day 1

So yes we’re in Spain again 😀 Why? It’s cheap and not too far. I will eventually try a long haul holiday with the little one but I think short haul is best for her at this age. I think this was our shortest flight yet (1hr 30 mins)

So if you’ve read this, this post and also this one then you already know I booked with TUI. They’re great for family package holidays!

Getting to the airport was quick and simple and for the first time we got the coach rather then a taxi which saved us a lot. The coach cost only £6 from Victoria coach station. I usually spend around £50 on a taxi so I was happy about that large saving!

I made sure I booked an early morning flight (6am) we were up at 1am, got the coach from 2am, arrived at Gatwick just after 3am. Early morning flights are perfect as little miss slept the whole way there. The only annoying thing is that now she’s 2, she has to sit on her own seat which is a little difficult when she wants cuddles and wants to sleep comfortably. She’s only allowed to do that when the seatbelt sign is off and of course she wants to be held when we’re taking off which is when you’re required to wear a seatbelt on your own seat. She did throw a little tantrum but I soon got her off to sleep!

We had a super quick flight and transfer too (all included in the price)

When we arrived at the hotel around 11ish we were told we can’t access the room until 12:30pm so I decided to venture out and see if I could find a buggy to hire. I didn’t bring ours with us as our four wheel suitcase was a good alternative 😀 plus it would be very difficult to push that and the buggy simultaneously. Luckily I didn’t have to go too far as there was a shop right opposite our hotel renting them. I paid 28€ for 7 days and a 50€ deposit!

We finally got our room key, unpacked and heard straight to the kids pool. It was heaven for little miss. So much to do! Our hotel actually has 3 pools so we’ll be checking out the other 2 throughout the week.

We also had a mini trip to the beach which is on the hotels doorstep!

I decided to go half-board again this year (breakfast and dinner) as it was somehow cheaper than going self catering! My little one can be super picky at times so thank God for chips 🤣 she had a whole plate and 2 apples for dessert!

Evening entertainment was fab. There was a mini disco for the little ones and despite it being October term time, there are lots of kids of all ages here so it’s great that little miss has loads to play with!

Day 2

Our second day here has been awesome! We started the day off by talking to our TUI holiday rep. She was super helpful and she gave us info about excursions and directions to get to the different parts of Salou.

So I decided it would be nice to walk to the main part of Salou. It took just us over 30 minutes to get there and the walk was lovely. We got to see some lovely views of the sea and different beaches.

We did a little bit of shopping when we arrived. The whole unicorn obsession must be universal as there’s literally a unicorn section in every single shop, so of course we had to see the same items in every single shop because of my little one 🤣

What I love about Spain is that every time we’ve come here, we’ve always been able to find black dolls which is super rare in the U.K. Little miss was happy to see dolls that look like her and asked for a boy this time so I happily bought one for her.

The main part of Salou is beautiful and we took some awesome pictures today! They have a magic fountain show in the evening on the weekend so we hope to be back to experience that!

So even though the walk there was nice, there was no way on earth I was walking back to the hotel 🤣 I decided to take the little tourist train ride back. It took around 10 minutes to get back and it cost just 6€ for myself and it’s free for under 3s

After having dinner I thought it would be nice for us to watch the sunset at the beach. It was stunning!

We ended the evening with another night of the kids mini disco. Little miss made some new friends and wasn’t as shy as she was yesterday. It was lovely to see her burst out of shell!

Day 3

So today we went on a day trip to Barcelona City Centre! We took a bus there for 19€ and we had 6 hours free time before the bus would pick us up. It was just over an hour drive from Salou.

Barcelona is lovely and there’s a few things to do like visit the beach, the aquarium and the zoo. We skipped out on these things this time around as I’ll be taking little miss to the London. Aquarium for her birthday and we’ve seen so many zoo animals on our last couple of trips!

We just decided to do some sightseeing this time. Check out some of the beautiful pics below😊

Day 4

We spent the morning at the beach and the pool and it as fun but it really made me realise I need to start looking for swimming lessons for little miss. That’s something I will get on as soon as I’m back!!

In the afternoon we took a bus trip to Tarragona to do some shopping. I like to get all my gifts and get them packed in the suitcase. Im super organised and there’s nothing I hate more than waiting until the last minute to pack everything!

There isn’t much to do there for kids a part from a few little rides in the big shopping centre and there’s a huge park with a very small playground. I think my little one enjoyed the bus journey there and back so that was a bonus.

I actually get so much anxiety getting on the bus in foreign countries simply because I can’t speak the language! The most I can say is “hello” or “does this have nuts?” (I’m allergic) I plucked up the courage today and got on one so I’m feeling super proud 😊

I actually ended up buying a bus card which is like a Spanish version of London’s Oyster which was around 13€ for 5 trips (to your destination and back counts as 1 trip)

We ended the day by getting the bus again to watch a super cute magic fountain show! It was a beautiful ending to the day!

Day 5

We didn’t do that much today other than go to the beach and play arcade games at a different part of Salou – La Pineda.

If you’re thinking about visiting Salou after reading my blog 😀 there’s a cool water park in this area called Aquopolis you can find out more info here. Don’t forget to change the language settings to English😊

Day 6 & 7

Our final days where we’re pretty chilled. On the Sunday we went to Bonavista market. I was told beforehand to watch out for pickpockets so I was super alert! The market had a few decent bits and pieces but as you can imagine, it was no fun for a 2yo so we went back to the hotel after 30 mins and had a chilled pool day!

Our final day was another chilled one. The aim was to spend the day at the beach at the main part of Salou but silly me forgot to read and got on the wrong bus to Reus 🤣 there’s not much to do there so I found a playground and let little miss play around for a bit before heading back to the hotel and spending the rest of the day at the beach.

We’ve had a great trip and we loved our week here in Salou!

To end this post I thought I would list all the important things I look for when booking a holiday…

  • Package holidays – I only do package holidays. I’ve tried the DIY way and package has always been cheaper. Everything is included: hotel, luggage, flights and transfers. There’s not a single thing you have to worry about!
  • Transfer time. I won’t book a holiday if their airport transfer is more than an hour. Both me and the little one would get restless. I want to go into a holiday and leave it relaxed!
  • Find a Facebook group – some holiday destinations have Facebook groups where people who have visited offer advice and reviews. I luckily found this one. When I asked about hiring buggy’s out there, I was reassured there were plenty of places I could hire one for a week!
  • Go during term time – if you have kids that are not of school age then go during term time. It’s a lot cheaper!

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