Welcome to Kiddo Adventures

So you’ve come across my exciting blog. Yay!!😁

I started this blog to help other parents get out the house and have some fun with their little munchkins so I really hope it helps you!

So I won’t go into much detail but in 2015 a became a mother of a gorgeous little girl. It was about a month or two later (when I finally started sleeping again) that it actually hit me that I’m going to have to start leaving the house lol. I kept thinking what on earth an I’m going to do with a baby???

Google was my best friend 😆. I searched and SEARCHED and SEARCHED some more and eventually found a few things to do.

I’ve helped out a lot of parents when it comes to finding great activities as well as holidays!

I hope I can help you too! My social links are below so make sure you check them out 😉 Top Tip: make sure you watch our IG stories daily as that’s where we’re most active 💋

Enjoy 😊