Welcome to Kiddo Adventures 💗

Hi guys 👋🏽

So you’ve come across my exciting blog. Yay!! Kiddo Adventures (formerly known as funthingstodoforundertwos)

Most of these places I’ve been to are for kids of all ages and as my daughter grows older, I’ll be finding events for her age, but rest assured I’ll still be putting in the extra effort to find events/activities for the littler ones (I know how hard they are to find!)

I started this blog to help other mums get out the house and have some fun with their little munchkins so I really hope it helps you.

So I won’t go into much detail but in 2015 a became a mother of a gorgeous little girl. It was about a a month or two later (when I finally started sleeping again) that it actually hit me that I’m going to have to start leaving the house lol. I kept thinking what on earth an I’m going to do with a baby???

Google was my best friend lol. I searched and searched and searched some more and eventually found a few things to do. I’ll share these with you in my future posts. I’ll try to make it as informative as I can. Enjoy 😊