Our first Groupon holiday – Berlin

Below you’ll find the tweet that gave me the confidence to book our very first Groupon Holiday. I’ve always thought the holidays on there were too good to be true and quite possibly scams lol but I’ve actually had a really good experience.

Yes I know it says Wowcher but I decided to use Groupon instead as you can use discount codes to get the price down. The holiday would’ve cost £218 but I got it down to £198 after using a code I found online!

The deal has now ended but a different one is now available for you to purchase if you’re sold after reading this post 😊

It’s the same company (Weekender-Breaks) so it really makes no difference whether you buy your holiday on Wowcher or Groupon.

So how does it work?

  • You will have to purchase two vouchers to complete booking. The bookings fulfilled by Weekender Breaks.
  • You will have to complete an online booking form, and choose the date you wish to travel ( for us the Selected dates between 20 Nov- 20 Dec 2019) along with your preferred departure airport (from London)
  • Weekender Breaks will contact you with your surprise holiday location

Below you’ll be able to see the booking form I filled out.

What do you get?

“Stay for one person in a standard double or twin room with direct return flights; based on two people sharing.”

Potential Locations

• Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Dusseldorf or Munich)

• Italy (Rome, Florence, Milan or Turin)

• Czech Republic (Prague)

• Hungary (Budapest)

• Poland (Krakow or Warsaw)

• Latvia (Riga)

• Bulgaria (Sofia)

• Romania (Bucharest)

• Slovakia (Bratislava)

• Netherlands (Amsterdam)

• Spain (Barcelona or Madrid)

• France (Paris, Lille or Nice)

• Austria (Vienna or Salzburg)

• Belgium (Bruges)

Holiday options:

• £89 for 2 nights with flights, valid Sun-Thu

• £109 for 2 nights with flights, valid Fri-Sat

£109 for 3 nights with flights, valid Sun-Thu

• £129 for 3 nights with flights, valid Fri-Sat

• £129 for 4 nights with flights, valid Sun-Thu

• £149 for 4 nights with flights, valid Fri-Sat

(The option in bold is the one I picked)

Weekender breaks called a few days after I filled out the form and told us we were heading to Berlin. We’ve never been before so I was super excited! I paid an extra £30 to change the flights so that we would get there early in the morning and leave late at night. So we got 3 nights and 4 amazing days there!

They sent my holiday documents a few days later Confirming our flights with EasyJet as well as our hotel voucher.

I think that’s all the boring stuff out the way. Now let’s talk about our amazing trip to Berlin!

We arrived at Tegel airport early in the morning. The flight was very quick and because this time around we didn’t bring the buggy we were out of the airport every so quickly! We had to find the tourist info centre first so that we could pick up our Berlin Welcome card

Berlin Welcome Card – this was kindly gifted to use by Visit Berlin and allowed us free travel around specific zones in Berlin. When we visit again I will definitely be purchasing as it great value for money. We were able to get in the train, tram and bus with no issues. As this is our first time in Berlin I was a little worried about using public transport but it’s all very simple as long as you have a good phone map!

Our first day in Berlin

We arrived at our hotel quite early and our room wasn’t ready. They allowed us to leave our bags in their storage so we could venture out into the city.

I came across a shopping centre where we stopped off and bought some snacks in Aldi and had a browse round the shops.

As you can imagine it’s super cold and we’re super tired and we wanted nothing more then to check in. We arrived back at the hotel around 1pm and they said our room was ready but we had to pay €20 for early check in. Luckily they have a very comfortable reception as there was no way I was paying that lol. I’ve never been to a hotel that’s done that before. They’ve always let us check in early free of charge!

Finally 3pm came and we could finally check in!! Our room was in the 15th floor but thankfully there was a lift! Our room was nice and clean so I have no complaints. The hotel is surprisingly nice despite it looking absolutely awful from the outside!

Berlin is known for its beautiful Christmas markets so I did a quick google search and found out about Weihnachtsmarkt am Roten Rathaus.

It was just beautiful but very cold so we didn’t spend as long as we wanted there. There was also a smaller Christmas market close by that we also quickly browsed and even had a quick ride on the Carousel.

Our second day in Berlin

Visit Berlin kindly arranged for us to visit Aquarium Berlin.

It’s a incredible place with some incredible creatures!

On the ground floor you have the coolest aquatic creatures, on the first floor you’ll come across the reptiles and on the second floor lots of creepy bugs! 😬

You can combine your ticket with Berlin Zoo too to save yourself some money!

Our third day in Berlin

TierPark was an another amazing place Visit Berlin arranged for us to check out. Its honestly one of the best places we’ve been to. It was our very first time seeing Polar Bears and Elephants and it’s a memory we won’t forget!

Tierpark is huge! It’s actually the largest animal park in Europe with over 9,000 animals living there! We didn’t have the buggy so we didn’t see everything as little miss was a little tired but it’s definitely a place we will visit again when we return to Berlin.

Highlights – 100% seeing Polar Bears and elephants for the very first time! Their restaurant was lovely too! Very clean and it had fish everywhere!

Berlin Wall

We decided to do some sightseeing after Tierpark and thought we would check out the Berlin Wall.

We took some lovely photos but it was freezing so we didn’t say there too long! We headed to a different area to do some shopping and came across another Christmas market and of course little miss went on a ride and we took more fabulous photos 😍

Our fourth and final day in Berlin

Our final day was as great as the other 3 days. The lovely Eloise suggested that we visit the Digital Eatery. A really cool digital cafe in Berlin.

It was a really cool atmosphere and the food was really good too!

Eastgate shopping centre

We spent the rest of our time at Eastgate shopping centre which is huge! Full of great shops. My personal favourite was the Euroshop! Everything for a Euro #Bargain!

There was a play area that little miss love and lots of Christmas photo opportunities. I must say Berlin shopping centres have the best Christmas decorations I’ve ever seen!

After that it was time to head back to the hotel to get our luggage then head straight towards the airport!

What else can you do in Berlin with kids?

There’s a load of family friendly activities in Berlin that we didn’t get a chance to see like: Sealife, the dungeons, The Lego discovery centre, Berlin Zoo etc! It’s so easy to get around the city too with and without a buggy!

Products we used this holiday

Trunki – kindly gifted to us. This time around I decided to leave the buggy at home so this was super helpful getting around the airport!

I’ve got to be honest, you can’t fit a load of clothes in a trunki but it’s great for bringing snacks and toys for your little ones!

Seat to Sleep® Travel Nest – also gifted to us. It made the plane journey so peaceful! My little one slept with no complaints for the first time. It can be quite hard travelling with kids and trying to make them as comfortable as possible on the plane!

It’s also super light to carry! It doesn’t feel like you’re carrying extra luggage. I’m hoping they make and adult version next 😀

  • Price: £35
  • Suitable for ages 3-10
  • It has a wipe clean surface
  • You are able to quickly inflate and deflate it

Would we visit Berlin again?

Yes! It’s a beautiful city and I would love to visit again during the festive period! It’s so unbelievably Christmassy and it’s just the perfect place to visit if you’re Christmas obsessed like us!

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