Lapland UK

Ok so let’s talk about the main thing everyone talks about when it comes to Lapland UK…the price!

This was the cheapest I found. It wasn’t an easy but lol (I think it’s overpriced) but I’ve always wanted to go and I heard from a few people that it’s worth the money! I can’t say I agree but I’ll talk more about that a little later!

I booked this back in January this year when I heard the tickets were being released. I say if you really want to go then book as soon as you hear about the ticket release to get the best price!

Getting there…

Lapland U.K. is in Ascot and very easy to get to by car. It’s about a 30 minute drive from Kingston.

Free parking – yes there’s “free” parking all…I mean one ticket is £59 so that’s the least they could do lol.

Check in – when you arrive you will need to check in at the check in desk with the Elves. In your email you are advised to arrive 30 minutes early so you don’t miss your slot.

I was quite annoyed that the elves allowed people who were late to the slot before ours to check in before us. If you’re late you’re late. People shouldn’t be allowed to push in. They were also so rude about it all. It wasn’t a great start!

At check in you’re given a passport that the kids look after. It allows them entry into Lapland. They also get the chance to get their passports stamped once they’ve visited the different parts of Lapland. I thought this was really cute!

There’s a really cute interactive talk with some elves right before you head to the toy factory!

Then the magic begins…

Our first stop was the toy factory where little miss met some more elves and made her very own snowman!

Once that activity was complete, we met Mother Christmas for a fun gingerbread man decorating activity!

After this you’re free to roam around the Elf village until it’s your time to see the reindeers and eventually meet Santa.

During this time we went ice skating (included in the price) mailed a Christmas wish list to Santa, met some elves, ate some overpriced food, took loads of cute pictures and visited the shops.

Before we knew it, it was time to meet Santa!

The trail leading up to his cabin was so lovely! There are so many cute photo opps and it’s just really nice to take in the scenery!

What was meeting Santa like?

It was nice. Wasn’t the most authentic looking Santa we’ve seen but he was very nice to Naya. The visit didn’t seem rushed either. He took his time and interacted with her well!

She was given a bell and a toy husky as well as taking her photo with him

What do you get for your money?

So I just want to quickly go over again what little miss received. One “complimentary” photo

The Snowman she made at the Toy factory

A stuffed Husky and a bell from Santa

And of course the whole experience.

Was it worth £59 for her alone?


What did I get?

  • I got offered a biscuit while I was watching Mother Christmas read her a story 🤣
  • I got to see little miss so happy!

Was it worth £59 for myself?

Absolutely not lol and for that reason I wouldn’t go back. There’s no need for any parent to being pay that much when we literally just watch our kids have all the fun.

I get it’s a business and they need to make money but that’s way too much. The one activity I did take part in was the ice skating so I guess they have the right to charge for that. £20 would’ve been ok. £59…umm no!

I think Lapland is one of those things you just do once so make sure you have all your kids before you go 😅

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