Haven – The Orchards

We had our second staycation of the year and again we booked with The Sun £9.50 holidays

I booked a week here for just £40. Can’t complain! This was our first time at Haven and also our first time staying inside a caravan. I didn’t know what to expect it I was pleasantly surprised. Caravans don’t look aesthetically pleasing from the outside but inside they can be really nice!

We arrived around 1:30pm. Our holiday confirmation informed me that our caravan wouldn’t be ready until 4pm but I was pleasantly surprised when the lady at reception desk offered to give us a caravan that was already ready.

We had a chilled first day here. We just had a look around the park which is huge by the way! We spent a few hours in the playground and then enjoyed some evening entertainment.

We picked the perfect week to come because the weather was lovely which was totally needed as there are a lot of outdoor activities on the Haven activity timetable!


The swimming pool was nice and clean. I was a little disappointed that the outdoor one was not open as that was one of the main reasons I booked this break!


I found myself constantly comparing the entertainment with the entertainment at Butlins and well Butlins wins lol. There’s so much more going on throughout the day and the evening. Now with that being said, my daughter really enjoyed herself. Maybe I’m just being a Mumzilla but I wasn’t impressed!

The outdoor activities were fun. Little miss did 4 they were all included in our package.

Mini archery & fencing

A treasure hunt (which was most definitely her favourite experience) and a beach exploring experience where she found some crabs!


I made sure I bought food from home so we didn’t really eat out but there was Papa John’s and Chinese available as well as what I would call pub food. There’s a supermarket inside the village which sells pretty much everything you would find inside a Co-op so it was all reasonably priced!


The beach is a short walk from the village! It was nice to walk along but it was somewhere where I felt we could we relax so we decided to take a trip to Clacton-on-Sea instead.


The beach here was so much better! We found some amazing shells and sea life!

The pier was fun but a little disappointing as nearly all the rides were shut so we ended up spending a fortune in the arcade 😀

Clacton-on-Sea is about a 25 minute drive from the holiday village. Parking was great too! We found a place where you can park for the whole day for just £4!

We both had a great time here! I like Haven and would definitely like to try out a different site in the near future! Ooh and I jus thought I would mention you can take your cash out for FREE at the ATMs here. There’s nothing I hate more than paying to take out my own money so they get 5 stars just for that 🤣🙌🏽

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