Another Disneyland post 😉

Yes this is our 3rd Disneyland blog post! Here you can find our first and here you can find our second!

So the first 2 times we have been to Disneyland we have travelled by coach. This time we took the Eurostar for the very first time and well it was an experience lol.

Let’s talk prices first. So this is how much I paid. My little girl is under 4 so I did not have to pay for her BUT she was required to sit on my lap which was a bloody nightmare! I’ll come back to that in a second LOL!

Total: £76

So yes as I mentioned before my daughter had to sit on my lap. There was no leg room and unfortunately I had no idea at the time that I could’ve picked my seat and possibly sat somewhere with an empty seat next to me or one with a table. I wouldn’t do that again and I think if we travel before she turns 4 then I’ll just pay for a seat!

So you can get a direct train from St Pancreas to DLP but I didn’t find one during my search so we had to change at Lille Europe. We had over an hour until our next train so we did a little shopping in the Westfield right outside the station. It’s good to know that there’s a primark there incase you leave anything at home and also a small play area to keep your little ones entertained for a bit!

Time went by really fast and before we knew it out next train was ready for use to board. This was a double decker train with plenty of seats and luggage space. Little miss did not have to sit on my lap so I was overjoyed 🤣 Despite everything being in French I found it quite easy to understand where to go. Make sure you check the train number of your train against the one showing on the departure board! I would say make sure you give yourself plenty of time to make mistakes 😀 you don’t want to miss your train!

The train ride went by so fast and before we knew it we were at Disneyland! First thing was first, I wanted to get rid of our heavy bags so I booked a Kapten to our hotel. For those of you that don’t know, Kapten is just like uber and you can use it in France and London. I have a referral code if you would like to download the app “NATFOL7”

The ride cost just over €6. It’s a very easy walk to the hotel but it was boiling hot and I was shattered!

This time around I decided not to stay at a Disneyland hotel as I found a really cheap alternative…Séjours & Affaires Serris Rive Gauche

I found this accommodation on I love this website because most of the time you don’t have to pay anything until you get to the hotel and there was also a free cancellation period. If you would like £15 off a hotel then use my code 🙂

Ok so let’s talk hotel or well apartments! Here are my highlights!

  • As I mentioned before it’s a super quick walk from DLP.
  • WiFi was great
  • It’s right next to a huge shopping centre
  • We had a mini apartment so we had a fridge and a microwave which was very convenient

The only downside was the fact it didn’t look like it had been cleaned to the best of the cleaners ability but it was nothing that a few wipes couldn’t sort out!

So we dropped off our bags, had a bite to eat then headed back to DLP. We got the number 19 bus back from a bus stop not too far from the hotel. The ride cost €2 and was cash only.

This time around I decided to get an annual pass as the benefits are great and I planning a load of trips to DLP between now and next September.

What is a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass ? A DLP Annual Pass is a special park ticket which lasts for 365 days from activation. There are 4 levels of Annual Pass, each with special benefits according to price. Annual Passes offer discounts on restaurants, parking, special events, shows & even hotel stays.

I decided to go with the Infinity pass because of the great benefits!

  • I can visit DLP as many times as like within a year!
  • Extra magic hours – we were able to enter the park at 8:30am instead of 10am when it opens.
  • Photo pass – The Annual Photopass is currently €69.99 but free for me 🙂
  • Infinity Pass holders can buy extra tickets for family and friends for just €35 (up to 20 per year).
  • Guest Storage – I can store up to 3 items of baggage for free!

There are more benefits but these are the ones that appealed to me!

You can purchase an annual pass over the phone, on the FRENCH DLP website (just use google chrome which will automatically translate the page) and directly from the ticket offices at DLP.

The Infinity pass is €36/ Month after an initial payment of €60 or €449

Here is a pretty good website that explains the annual pass in a lot more detail!

We arrived at DLP in the late afternoon and still managed to do a lot. We didn’t stay until the very end because we were both super tired! We managed 3 awesome meet and greets and 3 wonderful rides!

Day 2

We were up bright and early for extra magic hours. The plan was to head straight for the Princess Pavilion (the queuing system is a joke and needs to sorted out ASAP) when we got there at 8:40am the queue was already ridiculously long. I wasn’t about to waste 90 mins so we went on a few rides instead. On day 2 we managed 7 rides, 7 shows and 4 meet and greets which was just brilliant. The highlight of the day was Timon’s Matta dance. We loved it so much that we did it twice!

The Jungle Jive, the parade and the Lion King show were also amazing! We had the best day!

Of course we ended our day with the most magical experience of the day…Illuminations. I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets super emotional when watching it 😅

Day 3

We got up super early, checked out and headed straight towards DLP and their luggage storage service. It opens at 8am and it’s right by the entrance.

Today was the day that we’re going to attempt the Princess Pavilion again. It was ridiculous. I literally had to run there but I managed to get right to the front of the queue. It got so manic to the point where we were in between 2 families physically fighting over queue jumping. I think next time we will skip it as it’s just not worth the hassle. We did get some lovely photos though!

Day 3 was full of even more magical moments! Little miss meeting Mary Poppins was a lovely highlight as well as Chip and Dale

Disneyland is such a magical place and we’re already counting down the days until our next trip!

I’ll be writing one more blog post about Disneyland as next time we will be going by plane. I want to be able to show you guys the different ways to get there. Unfortunately I won’t ever be driving there as I just can’t get my head around driving on the other side of the road 🤣

I hope you have all found this post informative and feel free to ask any questions in the comments. Also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram 💋

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