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[Invited by Lego House]

As you all know we have just come back from a day trip to the Lego House in Denmark 🇩🇰

In this post I’m going to talk about how amazing the Lego House is but also how easy it is to do a day trip here.

First things first, make sure you check the opening times of the Lego House before you book your flight!

I checked out Sky Scanner to see the cheapest and fastest way to get to Denmark. Unfortunately the quickest and cheapest way was with Ryan Air lol I didn’t really want to give my money to that company because of this incident and the fact they have the most awful reviews I have ever seen. However I couldn’t find a better deal so I reluctantly booked the flights.

Total: £70.70 with a small cabin allowance

Buggy’s are free but I decided to leave ours this time as I didn’t want to wait ages at baggage claim. Leaving it behind made everything go a lot smoother!

Stansted Airport

We used Bolt to get to Victoria coach station. For those of you that don’t know, Bolt is just like Uber but a lot cheaper in my opinion. Use my invite code, AUKF2, and get a free Bolt trip up to £12. Redeem it at

We always use National Express as a way to get to the airport. As mentioned in previous posts, it’s super cheap! If you’re on the Three network then check out the Wuntu app as they were recently giving away 30% off National Express coach rides!

This was our first time at this airport and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly we got through security!

Arriving at Billund airport…

It took just 1 hour to get to Denmark. As we had no checked luggage we got off the plane quickly and headed to the information desk for arrivals. I spoke to a very friendly lady who showed me what buses I could get to the Lego House.

She informed me that the 944x bus was the only bus I could use my contactless card on so that’s the bus we used. Little miss didn’t have to pay as under 12s are FREE. I paid 12 DKK which was £2.89.

We were at the Lego House in a blink of an eye. It’s a super short walk from the bus stop. We were straight away greeted by the loveliest of staff that gave us a wristband each with our names on it. You use these wristbands to gain entry into the Lego House and for other cool activities which i’ll talk about a little later.

LEGO House offers creative experiences both with & without a ticket. WITH a ticket, you’ll get access to the six Experience Zones. WITHOUT a ticket, you can visit LEGO Square, play on the playgrounds on their 9 rooftop terraces, explore LEGO Store, and get tasty food experiences with a creative LEGO twist at one of the 3 restaurants.

The first thing we saw was this huge tree – “Tree of Creativity” – made completely out of Lego. My description doesn’t do it justice so of course i had to take a little video and lots of pictures! Lego creators truly amaze me. I can only imagine how long this took and the patience needed to make it look as amazing as it did! Fun fact: it took 24,350 hours to assemble!!!

We headed to the Masterpiece gallery next which is a tribute to Lego Fans.

Here you get to see people from around the world of all ages that love Lego and their amazing creations. A lot of people think Lego is just for kids many adults love it too! Even I find making things out of Lego very relaxing!!

There are so many Lego pits dotted around the Lego House so if you ever get tired of walking, you can just take a break and make something!

Ok so back to the wristbands I mentioned earlier. This magical wristband allows you to. Ring Lego bricks to life! At different parts of the house, you’ll able to scan your wristband and take part in a cool activity. This activity is digitally saved to a memory bank that you can view once you have finished your whole Lego House journey.

We headed on over to the Green Zone next! The Green Zone is all about exploring your social competences.

Character creator was one of little miss’ favourite parts. You’re able to create your own Lego mini figure from countless body parts and accessories!

Once you are done you can take a photo and show off your creation to the world!

Lego Duplo City builder – another activity little miss loved!

What I thought was really cool was the explanations dotted around the Lego House explaining how Lego can benefit yourself and your kids. Little miss’ imagination is out of this world and it’s definitely due to reading and imaginative play!

The Green zone was definitely my favourite part of the day. You can easily spend a few hours in this part alone exploring. Being able to make your own movie was definitely another highlight too!

The Yellow Zone – understanding, expressing and regulating your emotions.

Im this Zone you can design your own Lego fish, scan it and release it into a Digital aquarium. So cool!

The Critter creator was a big hit too! You can build your very own little Lego critter and watch it come to life!

Lego Duplo Mood Builder was where little miss had the opportunity to build animals with different emotions. We talked about different emotions and how animals have feelings too! It was a cute bonding experience!

The Red Zone

In the Red zone you have the Lego Brick builder, Creative lab and the Lego Duplo Brick Builder.

We had a blast making so many different things out of nothing! I love when little miss makes something and shows it to me. She’s always proud of her creations and so am I! It’s always interesting to see how much she concentrates too when she’s building. Her face is always super serious and focused

The Blue Zone

I’m the Blue Zone, you can check out the following: Robo Lab, City Architect, Test Driver and Lego Duplo Train Builder.

The Robo lab was a super cool experience although I had no idea what I was doing and neither did little miss 🤣 We got to control these cool robot Legos with a touch screen but we didn’t do a good job haha

Little miss LOVED City architect. It’s a simulator that lets you shape life on the city with your very own Lego creations! Every time you add something new, the rhythm of the city changes. Very cool experience!

History Collection

I do love a historical day out and learning about the history of Lego bricks was absolutely amazing. It was great to see how far the Lego brand has come. It was also interesting to see how the logo has changed over the years.

6 Bricks factory

At the end of your Lego House Experience you can check out the 6 Bricks factory. Everyone gets a FREE bag of freshly made Lego bricks with unique building instructions so you can go home and make it. It’s a really cool idea and we are going to make ours tonight.

How much is the Lego House?

Ticket prices adults

Adults 13 years+:

Buy online: 199 DKK – £23.60

Buy in LEGO House: 229 DKK – £27.16

Ticket prices children

Children 3-12 years:

Buy online: 199 DKK – £23.60

Buy in LEGO House: 229 DKK – £27.16

Children 0-2 years: Free

Visit LEGO House after 4pm and get 20% discount.

What does a ticket include?

You get access to: 

• Red Zone, Blue Zone, Green Zone and Yellow Zone are full of play activities where Play Agents are more than ready to kick start the play experience. 

• The spectacular Masterpiece Gallery, where LEGO fans from all our the world have their builds on display.

• The history museum with LEGO boxes from back then when your parents were kids.

• 25 million LEGO bricks and tons of creative play just waiting for you!  

When is it open?

You will need to check out the website for this information. Please do not book a flight without checking!!

How did we spend the rest of our day?

We explored Billund for a little bit and was surprised to see what else was around. There’s a Teddy Bear Art Museum that looked really cool and of course Legoland!

We had a nice little dinner at the airport and I was happy to see there was a Lego pit that kept little miss entertained as we waited to board the plane.

Would we go again?

In a heartbeat! Absolutely loved it here! Little miss being the huge Lego fan that she is loved it too.

Maybe next time we might stay for a night so we can experience Legoland too!

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