Butlins – Minehead

I’ll try to keep this blog post short and simple because we’ve been to SKEGNESS and BOGNOR and they’re pretty much the same.

So as usual we book with The Sun Holidays and paid only £38 at first. A few months later I got an email from Butlins letting me know that I could upgrade our room (to a silver bungalow) for just £5 per person which I did so the whole holiday cost £48.

Here’s what our silver Bungalow looked like…

It was decent and clean so I had no complaints.

Tip: there’s a Tesco, Morrison’s AND Lidl a short walk from the site. Buy all your food and drinks there and save yourself a lot of money!!

What to do at Butlins Minehead?

There’s plenty to do from watching live shows, to fairgrounds, arcades, swimming, playing at the beach etc! Unfortunately we went at a time where the weather wasn’t so great so we spent most of our time indoors but it was still a lot of fun for little miss. She made so many friends and had a fabulous time!

Getting to Butlins Minehead

OMG please drive if you can! I don’t drive to places longer than 2hours as little miss gets restless and so do I tbh. I really wish I drove here. The train journey from Paddington to Taunton wasn’t too bad. It was around 2 hours. It was getting the bus from Taunton to Minehead (£6 for a single ticket btw) which was manic!

First of all the bus couldn’t fit everyone on and their luggage. In fact there was hardly any luggage space on the bus there so our luggage had to be put on seats.

There was also a diversion which many busses were taking longer than normal plus we went through some narrow country roads that didn’t seem safe at all. At one point the bus had to reverse back through a tight space because of a huge lorry coming in the opposite direction. Manic!

The bus ride back wasn’t too bad as we left really early and this bus actually had luggage space!

You will need the number 28 bus and you can find out the bus times here

Would we go again?

Most likely no. I think Butlins Minehead needs updating a little plus the journey for me was too much hassle! It wasn’t terrible but I most definitely prefer the other two sites!

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