Eurocamp – Vilanova Park

I’d be lying if I said we had the best time because we didn’t. Well I didn’t. I’m sure my daughter did though as it doesn’t take much to entertain her lol.

So I booked this holiday with the sun holidays. I’ve used them before when booking Haven and Butlins and though is try abroad for the first time.

I picked a campsite close to an airport as I can’t get my head around driving on the otherwise of the road.

Accommodation cost

The flights cost:

I had £100 off as British Airways lost and broke my buggy last year when we went to Amsterdam. I said I would never fly with them again but I wasn’t not going to use the £100 lol.

The flight was just under 2 hours and I sorted out my transfers with Vilanova Park directly. It was €65 and they even had a car seat for little miss.

When we arrived at reception we were given a bag with a some info on it and was told to wait at the other side of reception as someone would be taking us to the eurocamp reception (I had no idea where was more than one)

The guy unfortunately took us to the wrong place and me having no idea of this waited for a good 25 mins before he came back and realised.

He eventually took us to the eurocamp reception where we waited a further 15 minutes for someone to check us in.

Finally someone came & gave us our key and walked us to our accommodation.

At first glance the accommodation seemed spotless but when I started to look around property I could see it hasn’t been cleaned in a whole. There were dead bugs on one bed and loads of living ones behind the sofa. Luckily smart me already bought bug killer and cleaning products with me but I should have to do that.

Normally I would complain and ask to be moved elsewhere but I just couldn’t be bothered as I had been up all night the previous night.

I wasn’t impressed with the supermarket opening times. It meant that we were forced to eat at their restaurant on our first day as the super market didn’t open until 5pm. The food wasn’t that great!

I have more complaints 😅

There are 2 pool areas and the one that looked the most fun was closed but I guess we did visit during the low season so I can’t really complain that much. Again for the same reason there was no evening entertainment which meant bed time was super early for us!

ohh don’t get me started on the rubbish WiFi – imagine paying €20 for a weeks worth of WiFi and it doesn’t work. I’m sure the campsite owners are very aware it doesn’t work either. Now I know you maybe thinking..what do you need WiFi for on holiday? The reason why I can afford to go on so many trips a year is because I take my work with me. I need WiFi of course but unfortunately I wasn’t able to work that week which is annoying. Believe it or not I actually enjoy my job so taking my work with me doesn’t feel like a burden.

Anyway as you can imagine I totally got my money back!

Let’s talk about our dreaded day into Barcelona city. If you watched our Instagram stories then you would see how pissed off I was.

You would think the guys over at eurocamp or Vilanova Park would let their visitors know there were protests going on. Nope nobody did. We took the bus into the city thinking that would be the way we would get home. We spent the day at the big fun museum which I’ll talk about below and had some food as well as going some sightseeing. We had no idea it would be so bloody difficult to get back to the campsite.

The bus we needed to get back was no longer in service. Taxis were barely stopping and no one could speak good enough English to let us know how we could get back by train. It was just awful. 2 hours later I managed to find an English speaking local that told us how to get to the train station that would take us near to the park. Of course it was nowhere near where we were so I had to walk like 39 minutes to get there. Just absolutely awful. I really tried to not let it affect our holiday but it put me in such a bad mood!

We still managed to get some gorgeous photos though 😅

Big fun museum – despite the crappy transport situation, we really had a good time here. It’s a really cool experience!

How much ?

What is it?

BIG FUN MUSEUM is the most original museum of illusions and entertainment in Barcelona. So many cool things that you can take pictures with. From a giant sink to a giant block of cheese. Check out some of our fab photos below…

This is where the blog post ends. I do not recommend eurocamp and I do not recommend Villanova Park. I can’t write anymore about our experience as I just feel like it’s going to be super negative. We spent our final days at the campsite chilling by the pool everyday.

The only thing I can say is that I really enjoyed the sun and we both got really nice tans 😅

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