An afternoon with Boogie Monsters

So on Sunday we took a trip to Under 1 Roof for Boogie Monsters spectacular Halloween party. Little miss really enjoyed herself!

So what is Boogie Monsters ?

BOOGIE MONSTERS, the UK’s multi-award winning, live rock and pop band for kids, bring you their musical mash-up of chart hits, rocked up action songs and funky nursery rhymes!

I love live music and I think it’s great that children get to experience it too in such a warm, fun and friendly environment! When I say my daughter really enjoyed herself, I mean it! She was in her own little world dancing to all the funky tunes!

You can clearly see all the children were enjoying themselves 😀

I liked the fact the nursery rhymes were changed a little to go with the theme of Halloween! The use of props were great too! The ribbons and scarfs kept my daughter fully engaged and allowed her to play and be silly! And of course there were bubbles. It’s not a kids party without bubbles😀

Another thing I liked was that the children were invited to sing along to their favourite nursery rhymes. It’s a great confidence builder. Unfortunately my little one was a little too shy but it’s great to know that when we visit again she can have a go!

The music was fab! Live music is always great to listen and dance to and it’s good to know that there are actual benefits from it. Dancing to music helps your little ones build confidence and allows them to practise self-expression and as you can see from the videos, there was a lot of self-expression going on 😀

The awesome party ended with a few blasts from confetti cannons which got my little one super excited. She said “it’s raining inside” 😀 it’s always great to finish on a high!

We loved it so much that we’re going to their Christmas party too! Can’t wait to see my daughter bust out some new moves 😀

You can find out more info about Boogie Monsters here and more info about the Christmas parties here

Unicorn biscuits with Craft and Crumb

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, then you know that we absolutely love baking! It’s fun to do, it’s a lovely bonding experience and when the weather is horrible it’s something that will keep you busy while you are at home! This time we’ve used the Craft and Crumb baking subscription box to make unicorn biscuits and they were absolutely yummy!

Pretty much everything we needed came in the box. All we need to add was an egg and some butter. The instructions were super easy to follow So I let my daughter do most of the work and I think she did a pretty good job!

She really got her hands stuck in and loved kneading the dough!

Here she is being little miss independent 😀 I hardly helped at all. I just told her what to do and she listened! Baking is a great way to get kids to develop their listening and concentration skills!

The decorating part of the process was super fun. It was messy and yummy 😋 I’m surprised we had enough icing left to decorate the unicorns 🦄

And here is the finished product 😀 they didn’t last a day in our house as they were absolutely delicious! What’s great is that we have the recipe card so we can always make them again!

We loved using Craft and Crumb to make these lovely unicorns biscuits! You can find out more about Craft and Crumb here