Queens Skate Dine Bowl

Yesterday was Blue Monday and for one day only Queens were offering the public the chance to skate and bowl for FREE

Of course we jumped at the chance!

We went ice skating first. It’s super cold so make sure you wrap up warm!

Normal prices for Ice skating:

Prices: £12 for over 12 y/o •  £11 for under 12 y/o  + £2.50 skate hire.

The QUEENS Family Skate Pass • just £49 for 2 adults & 2 kids. Skate hire is included! Any day, vaild for 1 skate session.

Penguin hire: £6 for 1hr

Locker hire: £1

Monday Madness: skating is half price on Monday’s only

Ice skating lessons are available for kids aged 5 and over. More info is available on the website!


So much fun! I’ve never seen my little one so excited 😆 I loved the fact we didn’t have to wear those smelly shoes you usually have to wear when bowling.

Normal bowling prices:

£9.95 for adults and £8 for kids (Tuesday – Sunday)


We had a quick bite to eat and it was quite yummy. We ordered a cheeseburger, cheesy fries and these crazy HUGE onion rings! The whole meal came to around £20 and we got a very large portion of everything. Yummy feasibly priced food. I was happy with that! The rest of the menu looked quite delicious too!

  • Kids set menu, just £7.50 for a kids burger, fries, organic juice & ice-cream!

It’s a great location as it’s seconds away from Queensway station. Plus if you go on a nice sunny day you can head to the Princess Diana memorial playground which is again seconds away from the station.

I must also mention that you have to go down stairs to access the venue and I didn’t see a lift available.

At the moment you can Skate AND Bowl for just £5 so we will definitely be making another trip very soon. The link to book this great deal is here

QUEENS is an adult only zone after 7pm every evening.

Kids eat FREE!

I don’t know about you but I HATE paying for kids meals when I know my daughter doesn’t have a big appetite. She’s at the age now when it’s no longer acceptable for her to eat off my plate 😀 I’m sure other parents face the same problem so this post will be about all the places we go to where kids can eat for FREE (Or very cheap) 😎

Bella Italia

We all love a bit of Italian! Bella Italia allow kids to eat for just £1. It’s very simple to attain. All you have to do is input your email here and a code will be sent to your inbox.

You’ll receive and email like this with your unique code…

There’s actually quite a few terms and conditions for this £1 meal. Silly me didn’t read all of them however the Shaftesbury Avenue branch were nice enough to honour the voucher!

Little miss has a starter, main and dessert which were perfect portions for her size! She managed to eat all of it which was very surprising!

We would definitely go back! Yummy cheap food. Can’t go wrong 😀

The Sun Holidays – how does it work?


If you follow us on Instagram then you’ve most likely seen me go on about how great The Sun Holidays is. Especially if you want a nice little staycation without spending a fortune!

I’ve booked with them numerous times. We’ve been to Butlins Bognor and Skegness for 4 nights at amazing prices!! I’ll explain how now!

So how does it work?

  • You will need to collect 10 Sun savers codes or 10 token codes. You do this by buying The Sun newspaper everyday from when the promotion starts.
  • Check out the website https://club950.co.uk where you can browse the different parks and what dates are available. If you have kids that are not of school age then I would always suggest picking a “pay only” date to save you hundreds! I’ll explain what this is further down.
  • Once you’ve found the parks that you like make sure you have a look on tripadviser and check out the reviews. I’ve read some real horror stories about Pontins :/
  • Pick 4 parks you like and 4 dates. You will need this when booking opens.
  • Make sure you book as soon as booking opens. School holiday dates go very fast as they’re limited!
  • When you input all the codes you have collected you can then pick your 4 parks and 4 dates. A search will begin to let you know what’s available. When you’ve found what you’re looking for double check everything before you pay as you will not be refunded if you make a mistake!

  • Note that holidays start FROM £9.50 / £15. This means you’ll most likely pay extra charges like service charge and entertainment passes unless you pick a “pay only” date.
  • You will need to book for a minimum of 4 people even if there’s only 2 of you going

Pay only dates?

A pay only date means you only pay £9.50/£15 for each person (minimum of 4) the park may charge for linen which you can remove. Be sure to take your own if you do. You don’t need to worry about service, peak or entertainment charges.

Here an example of how much I paid for Butlins with a pay only date.

So the total is £38 not including the compulsory £2.80 booking free. Bargain right?

Further info!

There’s a Facebook group that is fantastic and has pretty much all the info you need. From reviews of the different holidays to the codes (so you don’t have to actually buy the newspaper) here’s the link

Avengers Station

What is it?

A brand new interactive exhibit featuring some of your favourite Marvel characters. Just a heads up for those who are thinking about coming…there’s no Spider-Man which was a little disappointing as he’s definitely my daughters favourite but we still had a good day out!

If you or your little ones are big Marvel fans then I would totally recommend a little trip here. There are famous props like Thor’s Hammer and amazing costumes like the Black Panther’s mask that you can see.

There are a few fun interactive games that are fun for all the family! The one right at the end was our favourite!

It’s definitely a good day out but I wish there was a little more. Maybe actors or some more games! It was certainly interactive but there could’ve been more especially for younger Marvel fans!


Where is it?

The Avengers station is located on the East side of the Excel centre in East London. The closest public transport is DLR station Prince Regent.

Opening times

Monday- Thursday: 11am – 4pm

Friday – Sunday: 10am – 6pm

Note that the last date for this experience is March 31st 2019

How much?

Tickets are a bit pricy on the site itself but you can purchase cheaper tickets on Wowcher and Groupon. On Wowcher a weekday adult ticket is £18 but I was luckily enough to get £5 off which made it £13.

Weekend dates will cost you a little more. As mentioned in previous posts, you can always find discount codes for Wowcher and groupon online that will bring the total down a little!

Note that under 4s are free!

Need to know

  • There are no toilets in the actual experience so you will have to go beforehand.
  • Buggy’s are allowed in the experience and there’s also a cloakroom available – £3 per item
  • If you want to visit the gift shop at the end of the experience then do note it’s card only!

Dear Zoo LIVE

My daughters favourite book is returning to the stage and we’re both super excited! We’ve seen the trailer and it looks amazing!

Dear Zoo is actually the first book I bought for my daughter and it instantly became a hit! We love when books are turned into live stage performances.

The tour kicks off in February 2019 in Shewsbury

You can find out more info and a list of tour dates here

Don’t forget to check back for the official review when we watch the show in April!

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham

I was super lucky when I came across a great deal on Facebook (now ended) that gave me the opportunity to buy an adult ticket for just £10 with 2 kids under 5 completely FREE to the amazing Legoland Discovery Centre – Birmingham !

It’s been on our list of places to visit for a while now so I thought it would be the perfect way to end 2018!

Now I did post this great deal on my insta story so if you’ve haven’t already then you need to be following us on Instagram as that’s the social media platform I use most!

Instagram: @kiddoadventures_

Ok so back to Legoland Discovery Centre. Little miss loves Lego! I think we go to the Lego store a few times a month just to play 😀

Birmingham isn’t too far from London so this was awesome! I do hope they eventually make one of these in London as it was a brilliant day out and the kids really enjoyed themselves!

So what is it?

Lego heaven 😀 An indoor Lego playground! What’s more could you ask for? There’s a lot to do in one big room. You’re bound to have a blast!

Rides – There are 2 rides available. The first one is available before you actually enter the whole Lego experience and it was a lot of interactive fun! It was quite short but enjoyable.

The second ride is inside the Lego experience and we didn’t actually have a go on this one but it looked like great fun as you are lifted into the air. Definitely something to look forward to when we return!

Miniland – we love this part of Legoland! It’s amazing to see famous architecture made out of tiny pieces of Lego! I commend those who are apart of making them!

The 4D cinema was cool and lasted around 20 minutes. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

There’s soft play there but I think little miss has outgrown soft play now 😀 she was too focused on the Lego to even notice it was there!

Of course there is Lego EVERYWHERE and your kids are encouraged to make want they want!

I think my daughter enjoyed making her own car and racing it against other children the most!

How to get there?

As were from London I’ll talk about how to get there from here! We took a simple train from Euston straight to Birmingham New Street. The whole journey was just under 2 hours and a return ticket was £18! From Birmingham New street, it’s a short bus ride to the attraction. If you don’t know Birmingham that well then do make sure you have plenty of phone battery and google maps! It’s super easy to find!

How much?

As mentioned above we got a special deal but the regular prices are listed below:


I’m always prepared when it comes to food so we didn’t but any there but there is a cafe available.

Important info:

  • There are baby changing facilities there but I must say the toilets were absolutely disgusting. They need staff attending to it regularly!
  • There’s a buggy park available. It is quite small so you may have to fold yours up!
  • Sealife is right opposite the centre so it’s worth looking into any deals that allow you to visit both on the same day!
  • Parking is available
  • The attraction is about 15 minutes from Birmingham new street station
  • You need to book online to guarantee entry!

Would we go back again?

Most definitely! It was well worth the money! We may even try out the one in Manchester next time!

Madame Tussauds London

We took a little trip to Madame Tussauds London and it was most definitely a fun day out with the kids!

We started off the day by joining a queue specifically for families with buggy’s. Unfortunately you cannot bring your buggy into the attraction so if possible bring a baby carrier if you decide to visit as it will make your life a lot easier!

A cloak room for buggy’s is available free of charge. I must say the staff were extremely slow in taking them and there were restless kids everywhere!

What’s inside ?

You can meet some of your favourite celebs past and present! Some of them are so lifelike it’s a little scary 😀

Spirit of London ride – a little taxi ride that takes you through the history of London! It’s quite cool and there’s lots to see and learn!

Sherlock Holmes Experience – we didn’t try this out as I don’t think it’s suitable for little miss’ age but it’s something worth looking into if you have older kids. There’s also an extra charge for this experience.

The voice chairs – if you’re a fan of the hit tv talent show then you’ll love this! You get the chance to be a judge and try out the super cool spinning chairs!

Madame Tussauds London is a great place to visit if yourself or your kids are big fans of Marvel. You can meet some of your favourite Marvel characters as well as seeing a 4D show staring a few fan favourites! Great fun for the whole family!

It was amazing to see and hear about the whole process of how they make the wax models and it was narrated by Beyoncé. There’s so much thought and detail that goes into each one! This is definitely an attraction I think is worth visiting at least once!

So we got the tickets super cheap again using The Sun Super days again. The promotion has ended for this year but it’s worth checking out the site to keep up to date with when the next promotions start.

Alice in Winterland

Not the best of events if I’m being totally honest! I actually read a few bad reviews before going but I thought I would give it a chance and well… I wasn’t that impressed!

Seeing as The Magic Lantern festival is only in Birmingham this year, I thought this would be the perfect alternative but I was wrong…

I’ll talk a bit about the positives and the negatives!


•No queue! It could be it being a weekday or maybe it’s not that popular but we didn’t have to queue to get in which is always a bonus!

•Lanterns – some of their lanterns were super cute and we took some lovely photos. There were some not so great but I’ll get back to that!

•There are signs and people directing you where to go so it’s almost impossible to get lost finding where it is!


•There were lights that were not even working and we could see the people trying to fix them! Not very professional…surely that should be done when the guests are not there and probably in the day time where the workers could actually see! :/

•Parking! On the website it states that there is no nearby parking when there clearly is! You can park in certain places in Southwark park for 4 hours completely free. I didn’t know this beforehand so I took public transport. Not ideal in this weather!

•Food – there are a few warm food places to choose from but all were overpriced for very small portions. My friend spent £4 on the smallest portion of chips! Luckily we ate before we came!

•lanterns – some were just ridiculously scary for kids. Just look at the pic bellow! What on earth???

•Storytelling- there are these buttons that you can press and have the story of Alice in Winterland read to you! Some of these didn’t work or you couldn’t hear because of the loud Christmas music in the background!

Would I recommend it?

Not if you’re travelling from afar! It would be a waste of a journey but if you’re nearby and you want to see for yourself then why not?

You can buy tickets cheaply on groupon and Wowcher.

Top tip:

Grouponyou can find groupon discount with a quick google search. You can get as much as 30% off so it’s worth having a quick google of “groupon discount codes” it’s sully for first time users(there’s no harm in making a new account 😀)

Wowcher – a little harder to find discount codes online however if you make an account, put something in your basket and leave it for a few days, it’s possible that they will send you £5 off voucher. It’s happened to me twice!

It’s a shame the experience wasn’t that good. I think the kids had an ok time but I definitely wouldn’t go again!

Dinotropolis 🦕

We were invited to Bluewater shopping centre’s latest attraction…Dinotropolis!

If your kids are Dinosaur mad then this is most definitely the place for you!

My daughter loved seeing life sized Dinosaur dotted around the huge play space. They also moved from time to time which was super fun!

As the place is new, it was so nice and clean that I actually felt comfortable enough to take my shoes off in a Kids play space for the first time haha!

So one of the first activities my daughter did was colouring in her own dinosaur!

Now this was a really cool activity as once your child has finished their colouring in, you right down their name on the sheet and you scan it and then their work of art and name appears on a screen! Little miss was very impressed!

She then went on to “Build a dinosaur” which was a very fun activity for her. Not only is it super fun (she put it together and took it apart like a hundred times😀) but it’s a great activity for improving those motor skills 👍🏽

Sand glorious sand! 😩my worst nightmare but little miss’ dream! There are 2 sandpits. There’s one where the children can step inside and find Dinosaur bones and the other has cool dinosaur projections projected on to it. My description doesn’t do it much justice haha but all the kids seemed to love it and I thought it looked quite realistic!

Raptor Run – your little ones are encouraged to race around the track and it’s a blast! It’s designed for kids 4+ but little miss was a pro😎

The Dino Jungle takes soft play to new heights!

I have to agree! This isn’t your regular soft play! There’s SO MUCH to do. I don’t want to give too much away but your child will definitely be knackered after a few hours playing in it 😀

Parents of under 3s, theres a fun play area for your kiddies with a big ball pit and fun slides to go down!

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit the Dino Escape but it’s something to look forward to if we ever visit again!

Food – Fossil Cafe

The food was very reasonably priced! Parents even get a free hot drink or a bottle of water which is awesome! We love a freebie!

I took a quick snap of the kids menu!


The toilets were very clean I must say and there at of course baby changing facilities!

Buggy park

Yes there is one available but make sure you ride your valuables. There are also lockers available for a small 20p which is refundable.


Bluewater Shopping Centre has free parking for the whole day


Adults are £5

Under 18mths are Free

19mth + are £12 or £15 if you want to add the Dino Escape experience

Would we go back again?

Most definitely! My daughter had an amazing time and so did I. I went on a few of the slides with her and that was fun 😀

More info can be found here