Stay at home fun with Lili

Hi 👋 I’m Lili (from @just.me_bylili ) and I have a 3 year old  and 14 year old. I was kindly asked if I would like to share with you some of the activities that I usually get up to with my youngest to keep her busy. First of all I just wanted to say that there are a lot of free resources online, at the moment especially, so do have a look around. We use platform (currently free to use) to print out worksheets to go with whatever my little one is interested at that moment.

As a Primary Teacher I do love ‘Twinkl’ for resources to aid their learning through play and discussion. However my absolute must haves are play-doh and paper/cardboard anything that you can literally cut up and stick! 

With play-doh she can use her imagination to create whatever she wants to (even though most of the time it may look all very similar) and use anything around the house to stamp it and cut it. I sometimes use play doh to recreate numbers with the twinkle mats! They also have the alphabet for children to practice making the letters. 

If I’m doing numbers and I have a picture book that has numbers involved I will use it in our play time so that when she gets bored of one activity she can then have something else to go to. 

One way to implement the learning of numbers and letters are also through apps and learning shows. I love ‘Alphablocks’ and ‘Numberblocks’ and use these both every now and then on both the app or simply watching it on YouTube! Apart from ‘Twinkl’ I have also come across @themeasuredmom who has lots of amazing worksheets for little ones. Here is one I used the other day to help us with identifying numbers. 

Another fave activity and usually the easiest to do is using a paper/cardboard type of thing and cut it up into different shapes. It’s great if they are different colours or textures but also fine if not. We would usually talk about the shapes to identify them and then see if we could make a picture using the shapes. At the end of it my little one ends up colouring it all however she likes it. It may not look the neatest but it’s a lot of fun! 

Lastly I just wanted to say that most of the time a bit of cardboard , paper (don’t forget all the recycling packages) or whatever you might have around the house will do for children to entertain themselves. I have loads of cardboard boxes which we have kept and will be using these to create/imagine we are riding the bus, going on a rocket or simply scribbling all over it! 

Let the fun begin and hopefully give you some time to sit back and enjoy a cuppa. 

Thank you Lili! Some great advice here. Be sure to check out her IG.

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