Mulan – The Review

We recently had the amazing opportunity to check out the Mulan European Premiere in Leicester Square and what an experience!

I think Mulan was fantastic and just might be our NEW favourite Disney live action!

What I loved about the movie..

So I’m sure we all pretty much know the story of Mulan but if you don’t…Mulan is the story of a brave young woman that impersonates a man and takes her fathers place in the Chinese Military.

Mulan is probably one of my least favourite animated Disney movies but I have always loved Mushu. I was a little disappointed to learn that he wouldn’t be in the live action version but it surprisingly didn’t take anything away from what I now call the best Disney live action movie.

As a parent you might worry about the fighting scenes and wonder if they’re suitable for kids but I can assure you there’s no blood or gore. It’s really up to you to decided whether or not you think it’s suitable for your kids to watch but I felt comfortable with my 4 year old watching it. I think the fighting was quite moderate!

Well choreographed too! I can only imagine how many hours of practise and accidental injuries lol. Truly amazing work from the actors and those working behind the scenes! 

It’s so funny and stays quite true to the original! I’m in LOVE with the soundtrack (Christina Aguilera has still got it!)

Mulan is a great role model for little girls! I love that she is one of the rare Disney female characters that doesn’t conform to the stereotypical princess idea. No shade lol we still love our Disney princesses but Mulan is in a league of her own! She’s brave, loyal and shows little girls that they can do anything they put their minds to!

What little miss loved about the movie..

Unlike me she loves the original Mulan! Little Miss has had a love for Chinese culture ever since she did a term of Mandarin in 2019. She is now pretty much set on becoming a Chinese warrior 🤣

“I really like Mulan. She’s very good at fighting the bad guys! She is very pretty and I want to wear a red dress like her too!”

When I asked her about her favourite part she said:

“I like when she saved her friends from the big fire ball with the snow. That was so cool!

As you can see she loved the movie just as much as I did!

Release date

Originally 27th March 2020 but has been delayed due to the coronavirus 😦

Running time 

120 mins

Parents guide here

Watch the trailer here

It was amazing and something we definitely would watch again!

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