Our day at Bright Horizons

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We recently took a little trip for a stay and play session at one of Bright Horizons nurseries in south west London – Tooting Looking Glass Day Nursery and Preschool.

I actually worked with Bright Horizons while I was pregnant with little miss so I already knew lots about the company. I remember having my interview at the Clapham Common branch and just thinking “wow.” Not only was it aesthetically pleasing but everything just seemed so well thought out, organised and super professional! I had the same feeling when I went to visit the Tooting Looking Glass Day Nursery.

Before visiting, I had a look at their Ofsted report that could easily be found on their website. Their teachers and learning are said to be of a good quality and this was definitely our experience too. We were greeted by the loveliest of staff and they did everything to make little miss feel welcome. 

She started off the day with a yummy morning snack, she then went on to play with the other children and made her own colourful play doh.

The feeling I got was a good one. I could tell the other children were well looked after. It’s always great to see the staff actually interacting with the kids as well as helping them learn new things. It’s also really good to see how they manage challenging behaviour and I was impressed with how one of the staff members dealt with a disruptive child. I could easily see why they got outstanding in their Ofsted report.

While I’m on the nursery subject I wanted to also share what I look for when searching for a nursery that’s the right fit for your child:

Fees and what kind of help you can get with them. We all know nursery fees can be quite expensive so this of course had to be number one on my list. 

Ofsted reports as mentioned above, they are important to read.

Asking other parents can be a great idea to get a feel of what the nursery is like. Try your local Facebook mum group and do a search of the nursery or ask your own questions. I’m sure you’ll find a few parents willing to share their opinion.

Check out open days and bring your kids if possible. Let them experience the new environment and this would be the time for you to ask the staff as many questions as possible.

Going with your gut is something that really important to me. As a parent you kind of have this feeling where you know what’s good and what’s not good for your child.

On my Instagram stories, I asked the question “What do you look for when searching for a nursery?” and here are some of the responses…

I hope you found this helpful and that you do check out Bright Horizons as a potential fit for you. They have numerous locations all over and you can find your nearest Bright Horizons nursery by visiting their website.


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