Learning with Letterland 📚

(Our Letterland package was gifted)

Little miss starts school in September and although it makes me want to cry it’s all a part of growing up.

I’m doing the best I can to prepare her for the big transition and what has been helping loads is the great brand that is Letterland.

Letterland sent us a huge package of amazing products to help her with her learning.

What have we been doing?

So for over a month now we’ve been doing a different Letterland activity just before bedtime and I’ve been tracking her progress every week!

We’ve been doing phonics activity books, reading, writing and meeting all the cool Letterland characters! This brand really brings learning to life in a fun and vibrant way!

For example each letter of the alphabet is given a character name Lucy Lamp Light – “L” and Red Robot – “R”

Inside many of the activities you are given great instructions on how to use them with your child!

How has she improved?

Honestly I’m so impressed with her and these activities too! She can spell her own name which she was able to do before but her writing has improved a lot! She really struggled with writing “N” before but now she has no problems at all!

She is also able to recognise a lot of words which is great. She’s able to point them out when I’m reading the Alphabet storybooks to her which is amazing progress as she wasn’t able to do that before we received these!

Her favourite Letterland Activity.

She really loves the touch and trace flash cards mainly because of the textured alphabet 😅 but it’s always the first thing she picks up when I say it’s “learning time” 😃 This activity has helped her gain control over her movements when writing letters. She’s still a little shaky but she’s trying hard and I feel this activity is necessary to help her improve her writing!

My favourite Letterland Activity.

The handwriting books are brilliant! It’s something she can do independently and something we can do together! It’s so important to make learning fun for kids and the activities inside are lots of fun for her and they come with stickers which she absolutely adores!

Inside the package there was a lovely parents guide for me to read too! The book divides the process of learning to read and write into simple sections. Each section explains what I can do to help her improve.

I found all the tips very useful. For example buying/borrowing picture books to just enjoy the pictures. The parent guide explains how sometimes it’s good to just talk about them and try to work out what’s happening in the story without actually reading it which is a great way to get their imagination flowing!

Letterland is a brilliant brand and they’ve kindly provided a lovely discount code to share with you all for your first order.

If you use the code “Natasha20” you will able to get 20% off! Amazing right?

Do check Letterland out!

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