How to keep your kids safe abroad


Below you’ll see the video that inspired this post.

It’s very easy to blame parents when situations like this happen but things can happen in the blink of an eye and we all know how fast and mischievous kids can be.

So this post is all about the ways you can keep your kids safe abroad!

Here are my tips!

1. Door stop alarm – this gives you peace of mind when you’re staying at a hotel. If your child decides to get up and “explore” you’ll be notified with a very loud alarm!

Can be bought cheaply on amazon.

2. Google translate app – it’s a great app that can translate many languages to English. You will definitely need this if yourself or your kids have any allergies!

3. ID bracelet – we were kindly gifted with an ID wristband from Pulsy kids. It has my little ones name and my phone number incase she gets lost. Luckily we haven’t had to use it!

4. Swimming lessons – I think every year I hear a story about a child drowning on holiday. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. It’s a life saving skill. You should check out your local leisure centre for details of their swimming lessons.

5. Sun screen – very important as it reduces the risk of skin cancer. Sunburn during childhood has been linked to a higher risk of developing skin cancer and of course it’s very painful too!

6. Basic first aid kit – kids are clumsy! Buy yourself a first aid kit. We got ours from Halfords a few years ago and it comes with everything you would need in case of a little accident. Also make sure you have medicine such as Calpol as it might not be so easy to find abroad!

7. Risk assessment– check out your hotel room and remove anything that could be dangerous. Work out how the balcony doors work and of course tell your kids that it’s a no go area without a parent. Don’t be afraid to ask the hotel for a different room if you don’t feel like yours is safe.

Also sometimes you can request beforehand a ground floor room which I know would put a lot of parents’ mind at ease!

Tips from other parents

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