The Cat In The Hat @ The Turbine Theatre

Photo Credit: Garry Lake

Today we were invited to the press performance of The Cat In The Hat at the Turbine Theatre in Battersea!

What can I say..?

It’s an excellent show full of laughs and silliness. The Cat In The Hat is one of our favourite books and movies too so it’s great to be able to see it on stage again!

Little miss and many of the other kids in the audience couldn’t stop laughing at the cat. He’s extremely mischievous and super friendly. There were a few times where he popped into the audience to give the kids a good laugh!

Little miss said her favourite part was when he was wiggling his bottom at the audience. She thought it was hilarious. She was also a huge fan of Thing 1 and Thing 2 and thought they were absolutely bonkers.

Photo Credit: Garry Lake

Important info…

Running Time: 50 Minutes – No Interval

Venue: The Turbine Theatre

Address: Arches Lane, Circus West Village, London, SW11 8AB

Photo Credit: Garry Lake

It’s truly a fabulous show that’s suitable for ages 3+

With tickets from just £7.50 we will most likely go and see it again before the show comes to an end on the 11th January 2020. Be sure to check it out before it’s too late 😉 you can book your tickets here.

[Gifted tickets]

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