Winter Wonderland 2019

We were kindly invited to the family press day of winter wonderland by Zippos Circus and had a lovely day!

Winter Wonderland is completely FREE to enter and I’m going to be very honest, the attractions aren’t cheap! I didn’t get to see every single thing so I can only talk about the things that I did see and what I thought.

There’s so many different things to see and do at Winter Wonderland. Here’s what we did…

We saw the Mr Men show which is a show great for kids under 5. I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the show but my little one did seem to enjoy it!

I think maybe just maybe it was a little too long but I’m sure if you have any Mr Men fans in your household then they’ll enjoy it for the puppets alone!

The rides – the kids rides were fun and now my little one is tall enough to go on most kids rides by herself I was very happy lol!

I think most of the kids rides were 2 tokens per person which I think equates to £2. There are booths dotted around Winter Wonderland where you can buy tokens for rides. You’re able to use both cash and card.

The Magical Ice Kingdom

Absolutely amazing! But also absolutely FREEZING!! If you do visit please make sure you really wrap up warm. I think we only lasted about 10 minutes in here but it was an amazing 10 minutes. The ice sculptures are out of this world, there’s plenty of photo ops and also a really cool ice slide!

The Big Wheel

Something I think everyone should do. The views are amazing especially when it’s dark. You get to go around twice but I think three times would be better especially when you consider how long the queue can be.

Zippos Circus

Every year they do an amazing Christmas show full of wonderful acts that will have you at the edge of your seat.

It really makes you appreciate how hard the performers work because the acts are not easy at all and very dangerous! But it’s all so exciting to watch!


There are plenty of places to choose from but they’re not cheap and the portion sizes aren’t great either. If you can somehow bring warm food with you then I would highly recommend that otherwise be prepared to spend quite a bit!

Winter Wonderland can be pricy but you can go there and not spend a penny if you really wanted to. A visit to see Santa is completely FREE and it’s just a nice place to be. You can walk around doing nothing and still have fun! There are so many opportunities to take great photos too!

We live so close to Winter Wonderland so we usually visit more than once. When I have the chance to visit the other attractions I’ll most definitely update this post!

For now you can see what else there is to offer here.

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