Lapland Letters

What is it?

Personalised Letters from Santa and Father Christmas Letters! It’s a unique service and one of the best I’ve seen!

What’s included in your pack?

The letter – the most important part of your pack and it comes directly from the big man himself! You are able to chose what goes in the letter. As you can see from this letter it has my little ones name, the name of her best friend and also what she wants for Christmas! There’s even a message reminding her to “listen to mummy” which is something I added too!

Although she can’t read yet, she can recognise her name and some other words. I read it to her and she truly believes it’s from Santa! It definitely put a smile on her face!

A “stop here” sign is also provided in your pack. It’s beautifully designed and it’s something we will pop on our living room window just before Christmas so Santa knows where to go of course!

A post card you can send to Santa…

A super cute personalised certificate to verify that little miss is on Santa’s good list! She was very happy to receive this! I personally love the design. There has been a lot of effort put into every tiny detail!

The fab Christmas activities is something little miss is really looking forward to completing. They are all activities that allow her to be independent and will not require much help from me! I love a good craft activity that allows your kids to be more independent and creative!

Santa’s Magic Key is something little miss will not put down! She truly believes it’s a magic key and it gives her special powers so she takes it everywhere. Even to bed lol!

Santa’s key is perfect for homes without a chimney. It’s designed to make sure Santa is able to deliver your little one’s presents on Christmas Day.

Need to know!

  • Santa’s last orders are now being taken up until Wednesday 19th December 2019 and even Friday the 21st December 2019 with their Elfclusive 24 hour Reindeer Express option.

  • You can choose from 6 New Letters – Each Includes a Santa Letter, Santa Map, Envelope and Postage.

  • Lapland Letter – Personalised is just £5.95

  • You can add Some Magical Santa Extras to your letter such as a personalised chocolate bar or the Santa key I mentioned above. These extras start from £1.95

  • There’s currently a magical offer on now so check it out before it’s too late!

Lapland Letters is one of many ways to make Christmas magical for your kids! There’s nothing like receiving something with your actual name on it as a child!

Top tip: put the letter in the freezer for a a few minutes before giving it to your little one so it really feels authentic!

Visit the website today to design your very own Lapland letter!

(We were gifted with a Lapland Letter for the purpose of a review)

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