Imagine me stories 📚

I was delighted when Imagine me stories reached out to us to send us their amazing subscription box.

For those who don’t know, Imagine Me Stories is a monthly subscription box that aims to inspire and empower your little ones by providing these amazing black kids books along with fun and educational activities.

Little miss was kindly #gifted Naya with their Tiny Conquerors Box (0-3 years) and she’s been having a lot of fun! Inside the box was 3 different stories featuring black children as well as black educational activities.

I think it’s amazing that such a thing exists! Representation matters! ALL kids needs to be able to see themselves in books, movies, even the dolls at toy store!

Why do kids need to see themselves?

I remember growing up and hardly ever seeing black kids in books. The only story I can think of is Handa’s surprise. That right there is the problem…that’s the only book I can think of! Why couldn’t I see more kids my colour in children’s literature as a child?

Kids need to be able to see the way they look is normal.

Kids need to be able to see characters with the same hair type as them!

Kids need to be able to see that there is more to black history than just slavery. As important as it is, they need to be able to see themselves in regular stories too!

I’m glad that there are more and more books being published that feature black kids. Black kids doing all sorts of activities. Black superheroes, Black princesses, Black scientists…

I’m glad Imagine me stories exist to help make these books more accessible to families!

The books

1. I Am So Brave – Stephen Krensky

It’s a short book but perfect for little miss’ age! It has short sentences that will easily keep your little ones engaged! The book features a young black boy which I hardly ever see! It’s a book about overcoming your fears which is a lesson everyone can learn!

2. 1, 2, 3, Do the Dinosaur

Another fun book featuring a little young black boy! This book is fun and exciting and perfect for dinosaur lovers! The book encourages your little ones to take part in the dino- actions. There’s lots of rhyming which is always a hit when it comes to children’s books and also beautiful bright pictures that will definitely keep your little ones entertained and engaged throughout.

3. Philly & Friends: Who Do I See in the mirror – Vese Aghoghovbia Aladewolu

This one was my favourite and I think little miss really enjoyed this one too! This book is all about self love. I believe that self love should be taught at home and it’s amazing when books like this can reinforce the idea. One of the first things little miss said was “she looks like me” and that made me so happy! This books teaches your little ones to be comfortable in their own skin. It’s honestly a beautiful book!

The activities…

The box came with plenty of activities! We haven’t even completed all of them yet which is great as we will be bringing some with us when we travel to Berlin next month! My personal favourite was learning about the 10 different African inventions that changed the world! I learnt as much as little miss which is always a bonus!

If you’re interested in joining the subscription service then you can use my code “KIDDOADVENTURES” at the checkout at ‪‬ to get 10% off your first box.

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