We were kindly invited to check out Bill’s restaurant and we were both very excited as this was our first time.

We visited the Kensington branch and had the loveliest time! Little miss was given a colouring in activity which every family friendly restaurant needs as kids can be so impatient when it comes to waiting for food!

I was also asked about any allergies before we could order which was great. Not many restaurants ask but to be fair it’s your responsibility as the person with allergies to ask anyway! For those who don’t know, I’m allergic to nuts. Because of this I was told the manager had to take my order. She came over with a book that reassured me all the things that I ordered were nut-free!

Kids menu

All reasonably priced as you can see. I’ve said this previously but there’s nothing I hate more than spending loads on kids meals only for my kid to have one bite and say she’s “full” 🙄

Especially when the portion sizes do not match the price too but I had no complaints and neither did little miss!

She ordered the hamburger and fries and ate most of it. The portion size was perfect for her and she really enjoyed it. I believe the real reason she didn’t completely finish it, is because she was desperate for some ice cream 🤣

For my starter I had the Chicken & Sesame Dumplings with a spicy chutney sauce which was so delicious. I’d go back just for that alone. I could’ve had about 100 of those!

For my main meal I had a Buttermilk chicken burger with fries and all I can say is that it’s probably the best chicken burgers I’ve ever had!

It was huge too! I couldn’t finish it but that’s definitely not a bad thing!

I was absolutely stuffed so I couldn’t fit in a dessert but little miss had two scoops of ice cream which is included in the price.

She thoroughly enjoyed her meal and so did I!

We also had great service too which is just as important as the meal itself!

We would go back again?

YES! I really enjoyed the burger and the AMAZING dumplings but I would like to try something different next time. I’ve heard from a few of you that the pancakes are great so that’s definitely on my list!

The cheap kids menu is also another reason why I would return for reasons I previously mentioned!

Bill’s is a lovely restaurant!! You can find your nearest here.

Our meals were complimentary but all views are my own!

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