The London Transport Museum

What is it?

The clues in the title 😅

It’s the museum of the transport of London. Both past and present. It was truly interesting to see how people use to get around London. It’s also made us very grateful for today’s transport!


Covent Garden.

Full address: Covent Garden, London WC2E 7BB

Nearest Tube station: Covent Garden

How much?

Did you know that if you Pay for a day you can come back FREE all year! Kids go free. This is a great deal and I can see why so many people come back!

Adult – £16.50

Concession – £15.50

On the door admission…

Adult – £18.00

Concession – £17.00

What did little miss like?

There are lots of opportunities for kids to play.

Little miss had the most fun driving buses, pretending to work at a lost property office, riding the play emirates cable car and more!

It’s a great place for kids to burn lots of energy and the best part is that it’s all indoors. If you’re ever bored at home and you don’t fancy the dreaded soft play then I would highly recommend a visit here!

Why are trips like this important?

I love a good family rave or a day at a theme park but I also taking little miss to the various museums dotted around London. Why? Because there’s so much to learn about this city! Yes she’s only 3 but she can tell you quite a bit about Henry’s wives and the different kind of dinosaurs there are!

A lot of museums offer hands on play which allows your little ones to take learning into their own hands which I believe to be the best way to learn!

Early exposure to museums creates kids that will have a lifelong interest in them and will hopefully make history classes in the future a little easy 😅

I asked little miss what she learned about her visit and this is what she said…

Before the big red buses people use to drive horses (🤣)

They made the big red bus with no doors on the back so people might be scared to fall off (🤣)

Then they made another big red bus with lots of doors and a blue bell that makes a different sound to the red bell.

I was quite impressed with her bus knowledge 🤣

She also now wants to become a bus driver so I must say that this was a successful visit!

Need to know

  • There are baby changing facilities available
  • Pay for a day and you can come back as much as you like for FREE for a year!
  • There’s a buggy park available
  • As mentioned above, it’s cheaper to book online!
  • Open every day 10:00 – 18:00 – Last entry 17:15
  • There’s a cafe available. We didn’t check out the food this time around but I will on our next visit and update this post!

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