Travelling with kids – Meet Me (Tasha)

Our Recent Trip to Disneyland Paris

So I’m Tasha, mummy to 3 year old Naya and owner of this fabulous blog 😀I’m 25 (almost 26) and we are based in south London.

Q1. How old was your child when you first went abroad/first staycation?

Naya was 6 months old when we first went Majorca. I only did 4 nights as I didn’t know how it would go. It was an amazing first holiday and I always recommend Majorca as a first holiday. It’s very family friendly!

Majorca – Ca’n Picafort

Q2. What was the journey like? Be honest good bits and bad bits?

It was perfect. She slept the whole way there and back. I booked an early morning flight because I had the idea she would sleep through and I was right. I’ve been booking early morning flights since. The only bad bit I can think of was on the way back when I had to hand her to a stranger to go through security. It was strange, when I went through Gatwick I was able to go through security with her strapped to my chest. On the way back security wanted me to remove her and had us go through separately :/

France – Le Touquet

Q3. What’s this best thing about travelling with kids?

The memories. I have so many pictures it’s unbelievable. We like to go through our photo albums and reminisce all the time.

I loved long journeys as a kid and being able to experience them with my own little one is the best.

Portugal – Funchal

Q4. What’s the worst thing about travelling with kids?

Tantrums on a bloody plane. There’s literally no escape 🤣 you get the a*s holes that huff and puff and make you feel even worse. I use to bite my tongue when this happened in the past but not anymore. If you have a problem with my kid crying and you start huffing and puffing loud enough for me to hear…I’m definitely saying something back!

Q5. What are your must haves in your suitcase?

•Medication !!!!

•Alpro growing up milk – Naya still loves her milk and I can’t guarantee she’ll get the same one in a different county.

•Cleaning products – I buy antibacterial wipes from Wilko. I think maids do a good job of cleaning hotel rooms but you just never know so I always give things another good clean

•Tea tree oil – it’s known to keep spiders and other bugs away. I HATE bugs 😭

•Beach tent

•Selfie stick

Q6. What are your travel plans for the future?

Disneyland Paris and Tokyo, Berlin, Orlando and Jamaica. I’m sure we will visit Butlins and Haven at some point next year too!

And finally.

Q7. What are you top travel trips?

•Book early morning flights so you can get your full 7 days plus it will most likely mean your kid will sleep on the plane

•Book with a credit card. I recently booked a Disneyland trip with a company called Team Kara who unfortunately went into administration. I didn’t use a credit card and luckily I only lost £22. Could’ve been a lot worse. You can find out more info on why it’s a good idea to use a credit card here.

•Go away before your kids turns 2. You’ll find a lot of holidays where they can travel for free 😅 You can also find holidays that have “free” child places when there are 2 full paying adults.

•Hire a buggy. We left the buggy at home for our first holiday. I just couldn’t imagine how I would be walking around Gatwick with a buggy and a huge suitcase so I brought the baby carrier with me and found a place online were you can hire a buggy. The buggy was delivered to my hotel and picked up there too. I was very impressed!

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