Travelling With Kids – Meet Emma

Hi I’m Emma, age 31 from Essex. I’m a single mum who works as a travel consultant and have been working in travel for over 5 years.

Q1. How old was your child when you first went abroad/first staycation?

Our first trip abroad was not until Kimaarah was 2, we went to Fuerteventura to a hotel where my mum & stepdad had visited numerous times before (TUI Magic Life). My stepdad unfortunately passed away that year and one of his wishes was that we would visit there as a family.

Q2. What was the journey like? Be honest good bits and bad bits?

Kimaarah was actually a dream I don’t remember any bad bits, we took a portable DVD player with some Disney movies and some little sticker books for her and she was more than happy with that. The cabin crew were so impressed with her that they let us visit the flight deck once we had landed!

Q3. What’s this best thing about travelling with kids?

Being able to see different parts of the world and sharing amazing experiences together which I never got to experience as a child, we only ever went to Spain!

Q4. What’s the worst thing about travelling with kids?

When I took Kimaarah to Disneyland Paris it was a struggle on my own with the luggage! She even fell asleep on the way home leaving me in a panic, I had her lying in a buggy, a big suitcase and carrier bags coming out my ears. I had to rely on the kindness of strangers & was definitely glad to see my home at the end of that journey!

Q5. What are your must haves in your suitcase?

Plenty of suncream, lots of pretty dresses for Kimaarah and bikinis for me! I always go overboard with swimwear!

Q6. What are your travel plans for the future? We have booked to go to Barbados next Easter and I would love to visit Dubai again (for a 3rd time!)

In a couple of years we will also do DisneyWorld Florida

And finally.

Q7. What are you top travel trips?

Don’t be scared to travel long haul with young children! And I’m a firm believer in them learning more from travelling than sitting in a classroom, if I had the money I’d take a year out and just travel the world.

Thank you so much Emma. You can find Emma and her pretty little girl on IG: @lifewithmybabydoll and her website is

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