Travelling with kids – Meet Nahdia

My name is Nahdia, I’m 29 years old and I’m from South London, I have 3 boys aged 9, 6 and 4 months.

Q1. How old was your child when you first went abroad/first staycation?

My youngest was 2 months when he went on his first staycation, Butlins, Manchester and Birmingham and he was 3 months when he went on his first holiday.

Q2. What was the journey like? Be honest good bits and bad bits?

For the staycations the journey was brilliant, because he was so young I decided to travel via coach and train because I didn’t know how long he would cope on the journeys. He is breast fed so it was easy to feed him everywhere, changing him was not a problem either. 

The only thing that was bad was delays on trains but that cannot be helped, it was always on the way back aswell so wasn’t too bad.

When we went on holiday I booked a night flight so he slept right through. On the way back we had a 4am flight, the baby slept through, our transfer came at 12am and the older boys slept where they could, they was not a problem but I would never book an early morning flight back again it was horrible.

My older boys have also been travelling since babies so they are used to long journeys, I usually bring travel games for them, snacks and activity book. I don’t give them an iPad or any electronic devices.

I used a sling to travel hands free in the airport and checked in his buggy.

Q3. What’s this best thing about travelling with kids? 

You get to show them the world, it teaches them that there is more to life than their immediate surroundings. You also expose them to other cultures and traditions. They taste different foods, the list is endless.

Q4. What’s the worst thing about travelling with kids? 

I wouldn’t say it’s the worst but it’s annoying. The most annoying thing about travelling with children is the price increase during the holidays however, I believe that you cannot put a price on memories or experiences so I usually just suck it up.

Q5. What are your must haves in your suitcase?

Camera to capture those moments, my own blanket, travel pillow, pop up travel cot. Teething toys for the baby.

Q6. What are your travel plans for the future? 

We have 2 holidays booked for this year and next year I’m planning 12, 1 every month, I don’t know how I am going to or how I will afford to but follow me on my journey and I’m sure I will make it work

And finally. 

Q7. What are you top travel trips? 

Travel while you can

Travel as much as you can when you have an infant

Book in advance

Be open to explore every destination

Early morning flights

I have lots of travel related blogs on my website.

My top reads are

  • Sleeping under the stars in the Sahara Desert
  • Christmas in Paris
  • Manchester

You can also follow me on Instagram: @nahdz_adventures

I have an infant travel highlight 🙂

Thank you so much Nahdia! Do make sure to check out her blog which is pretty amazing!

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