Kiss My Turku

A bit of a strange name for a blog post 🤣 but that seems to be the official slogan for Turku – Finland!

As most of you know we recently took a trip there and it was a beautiful experience! We both loved every minute of it and will 100% be back! So honesty is the best policy…we were invited to Moomin World so our entry was free! We were also given a media rate discount for our hotel. We flew with Wiz Air which was completely paid for by me!

Ok so let’s talk about the journey…

We used London Luton Airport for the first time because it’s the only direct flight from London to Turku using Wiz Air – the most dirtiest plane I’ve been on 🤢 but I’ll get back to that a little later.

Luton airport was a joke! I’m not sure if it was an off day but the security line was slower than a snail. No idea what was going on with the X-ray machines because it seemed like everyone had to get their bags double checked! I guess this is why it’s recommended to get to an airport 3 hours before your flight because of things like this!

We eventually got through security like 35 minutes later and then waited for our flight.

So not only was this out first time going to Luton, it was our first time heading to Finland AND our first time using Wiz Air!

Wiz Air is a budget airline. But as you know there are of course added cost like luggage, selecting seats, priority boarding etc.

Now the state of the aircraft explains why it’s so cheap LOL. It was filthy! I felt like I was on the Bakerloo line 🤣

There was food all over the floor! It was mental because I’ve never experienced a dirty plane like this before. I had to whip out the wipes and beg my daughter not to touch anything 😭

Despite all this though, we arrived safely and 30 mins early which was great! They also didn’t lose my buggy (British Airways did last year when we went to Amsterdam…clearly still not over that lol)

There are taxis right outside the airport so I don’t feel like there’s any need to prebook. We stayed at the Naantali Spa hotel which is about a 20 minute taxi ride and will cost you around €40-50 to get to 😬

Naantali Spa hotel

Omgggg this was the most beautiful hotel we’ve ever stayed in! It’s huge and has pretty much everything! A spa, plenty of restaurants, entertainment, a play area for kids and more!

I was super impressed with our room! Deluxe Double with terrace – The price includes breakfast and free use of the sauna and pool paradise.

So as I mentioned before there are a few restaurants within the hotel. The only restaurant we went to was called TK’s and the food was very nice! Very friendly staff that made Naya feel welcome!

It was a long day of travelling so went went straight back to our room after this.

Day 2 was Moomin World day! There are different opening times depending on what time of the year you visit. During our stay, Moomin World opened at 12pm so we had some time to kill before making our way.

Breakfast – I wasn’t too impressed by it so we just stuck to eating bread and fruit.

Playroom – there’s a play area for kids HALLELUJAH 👏🏽

Plenty of activities, books to read and toys to play with. Little miss was very content!

Moomin World!

It’s about a 30 minute walk or 15 minute drive from the hotel. I thought it would be nice to walk so I used my google maps to help us find our way. It was very easy to find I must say! I couldn’t get over how quiet our walk was. Kinda felt like I was in a horror movie 🤣 I was waiting for some sort of zombie to jump out the bushes 😀

We were both crazy excited to visit! I grew up watching the TV show and I recently introduced it to little miss and she fell in love instantly!!!

You have to walk across a bridge to get to Moomin World which was of my favourite parts of the journey. The views are fantastic!

As mentioned before our tickets were gifted but I will list the prices below.


1-day ticket

online €29

(at the gate €31)

2-day ticket

online €37

(at the gate €39)

Family tickets

for 4 €112

(at the gate €120)

for 5 online €140

(at the gate €150)

for 6 online €168

(at the gate €180)

As you can see it’s best to book online for a cheaper price!

Opening times:

For up to day opening times it’s best to check the website!

So what did we do at Moomin World?

Although it’s a theme park there are not rides which is absolutely fine because there is so much to see and do!

Of course our first stop was at the famous Big, blue Moomin house where we were greeted by the Moomins! It was magical from the get go!

Inside the house was AMAZING! Little miss was overwhelmed and just wanted to touch and play with everything which seemed ok as there were no signs saying that she couldn’t.

Almost forgot to mention but at the entrance you are given a wristband. The kids get a wristband with a microchip in them. They can use these wristbands around Moominworld to activate a special activity when they see these blue shells. It’s a very cool feature!

One of my favourite things about Moominworld was meeting the characters. There were no ridiculously long queues and they seemed to be there all day long with no intervals. We took plenty of photos which is great for our memory book!

Moominworld is huge and there’s a lot to do

The Giant Pumpkin was probably little miss’ favourite part of our day! If I let her, she probably would’ve spent the whole day in there cooking! 😀

There’s also a beach, a fairytale walkthrough (might be a little scary for the super little ones), live shows, different characters meets and MORE!

It’s honestly the perfect family day out!

Ooh you can even hire a stroller for the day

Wagons too…

Stickers to keep your kids safe! It’s a huge place so this is definitely a good idea! You just fill in your kids names and your contact details!

Almost forgot to mention food. There are a few places where you can sit down and eat. The usual prices you would get at any theme park. Little miss had a decent sized kids meal. For €7.90

After a long day of walking we took a quick trip to Naantali old town which was just beautiful. I didn’t get any pictures other than the Moomin shop but trust me when I say you have to visit there! It’s just visually stunning!

We ended up having a nap after returning to the hotel which was well deserved 😀

Day 3 – our last day

We skipped breakfast and headed straight towards the swimming pools!

We were not disappointed. There are two indoor ones, an out door one and a jacuzzi! Absolutely stunning 😍

I loved that there were swimming aids and toys for kids too!

There is a spa at the hotel too with plenty of different treatments! Definitely value for money!

I loved that they had robes for kids! I mean how cute is this photo 🤣😍

We loved everything about our trip! From Moominworld to the hotel! The locals were also super friendly too! I have no complaints and I’m looking to go back next year. We will also be back in Finland this year for Lapland 😉 so make sure you come back to the blog to see our full review!

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