Eltham Palace

We recently took a trip to Eltham Palace and had such a lovely sunny day out! For those of you that don’t know, Eltham Palace is a huge house in South East London that is a former royal residence!

Inside is just stunning! It’s amazing how much we learnt about the former residents in one day. There are quite a few signs reminding visitors not to touch certain parts of the house as it’s of course very old and fragile but in most rooms you will find these little boxes that have amazing memories inside which you are allowed to touch!

We learnt quite a lot about Stephen and Virginia Courtauld (former residents) and we were able to imagine what life was life for them at their home!

Here are some more fabulous photos from our day…

What can the kids do?

Well explore the palace and the grounds of course but there are activities specifically aimed at children! At the entrance, little miss was given an activity booklet that had a trail. She was able to walk around the place, find the animals on the trail then use the a stamp to Mark she has found them. This was definitely her favourite part of the day.

There were also staff outside running fun activities for the kids. It’s a great time for us parents to relax 😀

There was also a cool opportunity in the basement for little miss to do more dressing up! She had so much fun and couldn’t stop looking in the mirror and smiling!


There’s a nice little cafe onsite. Soft drinks, tea and coffee are all available. It’s what you expect to get at a place like this. Little miss actually got a lunch bag (complimentary ) and what was inside was definitely worth the money! Less than a fiver!

How much?

You can find out more info about Eltham Palace here

(AD – entry and lunch complimentary)

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