Fort Fun

We were invited to check out Fort Fun in Eastbourne today and we picked the perfect day to come! The weather was AMAZING 😉


I had this question a million times in the DMs today 🤣 just a reminder to those who follow us on Instagram…the details of the places we visit will always be shared so no need to ask 🤣

Address: Royal Parade, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN22 7LU 

Getting there?

I could not be bothered to drive so we got the train from Clapham Junction to Eastbourne. There are plenty of taxis outside the station. The taxi ride there cost £7 and £6.40 on the way back. The journey was less than 10 minutes.

You can also get the bus from the station

If you decide to drive then there’s a car park available. I didn’t get a chance to see how much it was but there was a sign inside Fort Fun saying they don’t offer change for the car park so make sure you bring some!

How much?

You can buy a membership from as little as £5.00 per child per month and just £2.50 per adult when paying by Direct Debit.

What’s there to do?

Water park – Probably what most people come here for! It’s so much fun! All the kids we’re having a blast! Lots of slides and water to splash in. Little miss was a little scared of the bigger slides at first but she built up the courage to go on one and pretty much had to be dragged off it at the end 🤣

Note: The water park is operated in sessions during busy times.

Outdoor and indoor play areas!

Both are lots of fun! Little miss burnt so much energy running around! There’s an area for under 5s that encourages creative play but it wasn’t in use today unfortunately.

There’s one of those slide down bouncy castle things (sorry I have no idea what they’re called 🤣) I have heard some horror stories about these but the one little miss used today looked like it was very secure so she went on it a few time!

Theres this huge bouncy thing (again I’m so sorry I don’t know the name🤣) but all the kids seemed to be having a blast. I kind of have wanted to have a go myself 😀

The indoor soft play was your typical soft play area! It all looked pretty clean so I had no complaints!


I usually bring food for little miss as I know she can be quite picky but the food container I bought with it wouldn’t open 🙄 so I had to buy her food from their indoor restaurant and I was pleasantly surprised. This was from the kids menu and it was a generous portion. Also under a fiver! She enjoyed it! 😋

Would we go again?

ABSOLUTELY! I wish I knew about this place a long time ago! We’ve been to Eastbourne so many times over the years and I had no idea it even existed! It’s such a lovely place and I 100% recommend a visit this summer!

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