Le Touquet

We did a day trip to France with Coach innovations! I actually first saw the trip on Wowcher but when I had a look on their website, I saw that they were offering a returning customer discount so I decided to book directly with them. For those of you that don’t know, we did a dash to Disneyland Paris with them last year on Halloween!

So this is how much the day trip on Wowcher cost…

As mentioned above, I contacted them for a returning customer discount and they gave us a generous code for £50 per person. In case you were wondering, children aged 3 and under are just £30

So our day trip came up to £31!

Price Includes:

• Return coach travel

• Cross channel ferries

• Allocated seats

• Up to 7 hours in Le Touquet

• Entrance to water park from 2pm

Unfortunately it looks like this day trip is no longer available on Wowcher but Coach Innovations have a few different trips on their website you can check out!

Ok so back to our day trip.

You are given a list of departure points and you pick your closest one

Ours was London Vauxhall bridge which meant that we had to be there are 3:15am! I’m an earlier riser so that wasn’t a problem. The coach ended up getting there 5 minutes early which was great. We the pretty much slept all the way to Dover.

A lot of people have asked me about the timings which is something I usually make sure I remember but I was in and out of sleep I have no idea 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣

We ended up getting the ferry to Dunkirk and not Calais. We were told that we would have to wait a little longer for the ferry to Calais. Apparently the ferry ride to Dunkirk is slightly longer but the drive to Le Touquet would be quicker. There has been soft play on every ferry we’ve been on to keep kids entertained! I would of course recommend bringing toys and anything else you can think of!

Again I have no idea about the times as I was so sleepy but we arrived at Le Touquet before 11am. Then the coach driver told us our meeting point and that we had to be back there by 7pm

The beach here is just BEAUTIFUL . We spent a few hours building sandcastles and trying to find crabs! We also saw a few horses on the beach too which you don’t see everyday!

Our coach drivers told us to meet them outside Aqualud (the water park that’s included in the price) for 1:45pm for our 2pm entry. Little miss really loved the water park. There’s so much to do for ALL ages! I just wish it was a warmer day as the outside part of the park looked amazing!

After the water park, little miss burnt off some more energy by going on nearby rides and another long walk on the beach!

We did a bit of window shopping and then had some food before we left. There are a few restaurants nearby but I would suggest bringing loads of snacks! If you don’t manage to find anything decent then you can always eat food on the ferry!

We had a lovely day trip here and arrived back in London at 1am! It was tiring but I would definitely do it again! Le Touquet is a lovely Place and all the places I mentioned above are all in walking distance of each other!

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