The Postal Museum

We were invited to check out the Postal Museum today and while it was a gifted day out, I would most definitely return as a paying customer and here’s why..

We started off at the Mail Rail (which I had no idea even existed)

The Mail Rail was a driverless underground railway in London that was built for the purpose of transporting mail. It operated from 1927 until 2003. Today we got a chance to go on a educational historical ride to see what the Mail Rail was like!

This ride lasts around 15 minutes and very safe for those who were asking! It’s a little cramped in terms of leg space (the kids will be fine) but it’s just a reminder that the Mail Rail was designed for mail and not people 🤣 Through the use of a projector, you’re able to hear and see the people that use to work on it.

It was all so fascinating!

Mail Rail Exhibition

We then hopped off the ride and onto the Mail Rail Exhibition where little miss got to do some dress up, play games and learn every more about how the Mail Rail use to operate.

Sorted! The Postal Play Space

I had lots of questions about this. You can play here for 45 minutes which is more than enough time! The kids will tire themselves out by constantly delivering mail 😀

Little miss had such a great time dressing up and she took her job role very seriously 😀

The Postal Museum Exhibition

This part was really cool! Again we learnt so much. See the video above! I had no idea there were so many different types of post boxes!

Pneumatic systems (messages that travel by air pressure) is another thing I never knew existed! Little miss got the chance to send her very own message this way!

She also got the chance to create her own stamp which I think is just too adorable

We had such a great day out and as I said before, we will definitely be returning.


15-20 Phoenix Place, London WC1X 0DA.

The nearest Tube stations are Farringdon, Russell Square, King’s Cross and Chancery Lane.

King’s Cross St Pancras and Farringdon stations are both less than a mile away.

Routes 17, 19, 38, 45, 46, 55, 63, 341 stop near The Postal Museum.

How much?

Where can I find out more info?

On their website

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