My little girl has been using Lingokids for a whole now and I’m so impressed with the app! For those of you that don’t know, Lingokids is an English learning App for kids aged 2 – 8!

Now I do try to limit screen time so little miss only uses it for around 15-20 minutes a day which is recommended and I’m already seeing improvement when it comes to her writing the letters “a” “t” and “r”

My favourite thing about the app is that there’s so much content! Podcast, games, audiobooks and more! It’s all very educational as well as safe! Absolutely no adverts which gives you peace of mind! As mentioned above, my daughter has been practicing writing and she’s really improving.

She usually spends around 20 minutes a day learning how to trace letters on the app and then I give her a pencil and paper to continue practicing. She’s become more confident and I expect that she will be writing her own name very soon!

I’m also loving the Offline mode! The offline mode means that the app can work without an internet connection which is ideal for us as we are always on the go!

There is also a parents area where I can track her progress! So much thought, time and effort had been put into this app which is the reason why it is now our favourite! The reports are weekly and I can see how much she has been learning!

The app works with a monthly subscription but with the link provided below, you can download it and get a FREE trial

Download here

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