Little miss was kindly gifted with a Toniebox so this post will be a review on what I think is a fabulous product!

What is it?

Toniebox and Tonies offer endless interactive listening and playing fun without bright screens, scratched CDs or complicated controls.

I really try to limit screen time. There’s nothing wrong with your child watching appropriate kids shows on YouTube every now and then but it’s not something you want them doing every day!

The Toniebox allows your child to use their listening skills and their mind to create images in their head!

How much?

The Starter Set comes in 6 colours with a Toniebox and exclusive Creative-Tonie! – £79.95

Tonies – Tonies with pre-loaded audio content – £14.99

Creative-Tonies – add your own content – start at £11.99

What we got?

We were kindly gifted with the Grey starter set along with 4 other Tonies, Zog, The Gruffalo, Animal songs and Rapunzel and other fairy tales!

How was it?

Im going to be very honest…setting up the was a little nightmare. The instructions were extremely easy to follow but for some reason, each time I got to the last step, it just wouldn’t work. When I was about to give up it finally started working and we were both super happy 🤣

It’s really simple for your little ones to use without your help. All you have to do is turn it on (you gently press one of the ears) and it turns on! Yourself or your child can simply pop a Tonie onto the box and a few seconds later the story will begin. My daughter loves pretty much ALL Julia Donaldson books so she was pleased to see she was gifted with the Zog and Gruffalo Tonies!

She has listened to a different story every night since we’ve received it in the post! I even let it play when she’s asleep!

What’s even more amazing is that you can you can record your own stories, messages or even sing to your child, upload it on to the Tonie cloud on their website and your child can hear your voice from the Toniebox. This is a brilliant idea if you’re a parent that has to travel for work, or maybe you’ve lost your voice and your child still wants story time!

Now I know you could easily play and audiobook from a CD or your phone but I really like the idea of the Toniebox. It’s different and it encourages your child to be a little more independent. They can pick and choose what story they want by removing and replacing the Tonie on the Toniebox. They can also play with the figures too (when they’re not on the box otherwise the story will stop playing) so it encourages creative play too.

Ooh and another great thing! It turns off by itself so you never have to worry about that!

We are happy with the Tonies we have for now but I’ll will definitely be purchasing some more for little miss’ birthday! I think it’s a fabulous product and I can’t wait to see what other Tonies they’ll have in the future!

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Mum of 1 trying to make both our lives as fun as possible :)

One thought on “Toniebox

  1. My girl has now lost interest in this which is a shame. I agree with the comments about the set up too, it was a bit of a nightmare! I will be going back to the bedtime reading and pictures now……


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