I wasn’t going to write a blog about this seeing as it wasn’t a trip planned by me but after receiving so many DMs on instagram I decided a blog post would be easier to write rather than answering the same question over and over.

We came here because it was my nephews birthday and he wanted to go to Torquay to celebrate!


Torquay is miles way from London and as you all know, I don’t drive more than 2hrs on the motorway way with a child! That’s my idea of a nightmare 😆

A train from Paddington takes you there.

£20 each way was a decent price. National express was around the same price and was even longer so of course we opted for the slightly quicker train!

Where did we stay?

TLH Derwent Hotel

It’s around 15 mins from the train station.

Outside the hotel doesn’t look that great and neither do the rooms tbh but they were clean!

I was amazed at what the hotel had to offer.

  • 4 pools! 2 inside and 2 outside!
  • A kids club for kids 3+
  • Spa
  • Hairdressers
  • Playground
  • Arcade
  • Bowling
  • Softplay
  • Evening kids entertainment with staff that are actually enthusiastic 😆

I did not like the hotel food at all! The first night we spent there I had a look at the menu and half the food had nuts in so choices for me were limited! That actually really annoyed me. The food available for me wasn’t great at all. I would’ve been happier with McDonald’s

What’s there to do?

We didn’t do much exploring in Torquay but here’s a list of things I know that are nearby…

Living Coasts

Paignton Pier

Torquay Museum

Torquays Dinosaur World

Would we go again?

Yes it’s lovely here! I would like to explore a bit more next time and do a few activities. I would also stay at the same hotel! I just wouldn’t eat there!

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