Aladdin – Review

This is my FAVOURITE Disney movie of all time and I was so worried the live action version was going to be a flop.

When they first announced Will Smith as the genie I worried even more as he is one of my favourite actors and he had some big shoes to fill! The late Robin Williams was a fantastic genie!

Now after watching I can now saw this is my favourite movie I have watched so far this year. Everything was just magnificent! The music, the choreography, the visuals! I haven’t got a bad thing to say about the movie. Will Smith did a brilliant job as the genie and made it his own. I can truly say that both versions of Aladdin are now my favourite!

Little miss of course enjoyed the movie too! She loved the singing! “A whole New World” is a favourite of hers and Will Smith’s version of “Friend Like Me” is now a big hit in our house. It’s been on repeat for days! Her favourite Disney Princess has always been Belle but now she’s taken a great liking to Jasmine 💗

It was great how the movie stuck to the original story with a few new bits. I won’t spoil it but the introduction to the movie was FAB!

Running time

128 mins

Parents guide here

Watch the trailer here

I would give this movie 10/10 and we can’t wait to go watch it again and eventually own it on DVD!

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