Marwell Zoo

We were invited to check out the AMAZING Marwell Zoo in Hampshire! We had a brilliant day out! There’s so much to do, so many amazing animals and super friendly staff!


Marwell Wildlife, Thompsons Lane, Winchester, Hampshire SO21 1JH. (free parking)

Opening hours:

Open daily from 10am apart from Christmas day and Boxing day.

How much?

I really liked the fact that as soon as you enter you’re able to fill in a “lost child” sticker! The zoo is huge so this was very useful and gives you a little peace of mind as a parent!

We started off the day checking out the cute penguins!

The Rhinos were little miss’ favourite! She couldn’t believe the size of them! The animals are clearly well looked after and they have so much space to roam around freely! It was a very busy day but because of the size of the zoo, it does not feel crowded at all so I was super happy about that! You should be able to visit here on a weekend or school holiday and have the same experience!

The highlight of the day was most definitely the Tropical House which opened last year. It spans across two levels and it’s just brilliant! You see some amazing animals and you literally feel like you’re in another part of the world!

There’s plenty of places to eat at the Zoo! You can bring your own food or purchase food there! There are also a few playgrounds dotted around the zoo so your little ones can burn off some energy!

There’s also a little train that goes around the zoo that you can hop on! We didn’t get a chance to try it but it looked like a lot of fun and it’s a good alternative to walking if you get a little tired


BRICKOSAURS! is a collection of life-like LEGO® brick dinosaurs on display around the zoo! If your little one loves dinosaurs and Lego then they’ll love this! At the entrance you’ll be given a sheet and you can tick off all the dinosaurs you can find! BRICKOSAURS is running until 1st September 2019.

There are around 36 BRICKOSAUR sculptures, in 16 displays around the zoo and even more arriving for the summer holidays.

We loved every minute of Marwell Zoo and would definitely return!

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