Getting into online teaching…

I get so many DMS about this that I have finally decided to write a blog post about it.

It’s a little different than our normal content (I like to stick to the theme of my blog) so I was reluctant to write this at first but I think it’s important that I do share this. I’m sure I’ll be helping someone out there that wants to spend more time with their kids!

So if you’ve read the blog and you’ve browsed our Instagram the you know it seems like we go EVERYWHERE and it kinda feels like we do! A lot of people ask how I find the time and the money. Well I teach online. Sounds crazy right?

That’s exactly what I thought! I joined a Facebook group a few years back. It was something along the lines of “stay at home jobs for mums” Honestly it was pants! It was full of other mums trying to get you to join their “team” to sell Avon or Usbourne books (no shade but that was not for me) then someone privately messaged me and told me about a company called DADAABC. A company where you can teach English to Chinese students. I thought it was a scam at first but after some research I found out it was legit!

I started to do more research and looked at a few reviews on a website called Glassdoor. Glassdoor is a website where current and former employees anonymously review companies and their management.

I read too many reviews of past employees saying they didn’t get paid so I decided to not go with this company.

Facebook groups

I then found out there’s a huge Facebook community of online teachers. There are so many different groups where teachers share their honest reviews.

Here’s a few I would suggest joining:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

How do I become an online teacher ?

  • First things first. You need a good laptop/tablet (some companies allow you to teach from your phone or tablet)
  • I would recommend a Mac book. There are lots of decent refurbished ones on eBay for good prices! I personally would stay far away from windows laptops. I’ve never had one that has run smoothly!

  • You will also need a good internet connection. You may need to upgrade the broadband package you already have.
  • Headset – a noise cancelling one is best.
  • External camera – only needed if the camera on your laptop is pants!
  • Classroom – if you want to teach kids then you’ll have to have a “classroom” just find a place in your home where that you can decorate to look child friendly. Here’s mine…

  • Desk/standing desk – you’ll of course need a desk for your laptop if you haven’t got one already. I suggest getting a standing desk also. Of course it’s not good to stay sitting all day long so this will help. It will also help you stay awake if you decided to work crazy morning hours.
  • Props – I didn’t have to buy much Teaching props as I just used my little ones toys but you’ll need props to keep kids entertained and to keep their attention when teaching. These can be anything from stuffed animals to flash cards.
  • TPR – learn this meaning from now! Total Physical Response – a method of teaching language or vocabulary concepts by using physical movement to react to verbal input.

  • TEFL/TESOL certificate – you’ll NEED one of these if you want to teach Chinese people as it has recently become a new law. You can buy a course cheaply on groupon or Wowcher. Not all companies require one so you’ll have to do your research.
  • Bachelors degree – again not all companies require one but if you do have one then make sure you mention it! It can also help with getting you more pay!
  • Interview – you’ll have an interview with most companies. It’s usually just a relaxed chat talking about your experience if you have any. You may have to also teach a demo class. There are plenty of YouTube videos to help you out on this.
  • Register yourself as self employed – you will have to do this no matter what company you work for. You are responsible for your own taxes.


Unfortunately as a black teacher I’ve experienced racism in the online teaching industry particularly from Chinese students and companies. I’ve had students call me the N word. I’ve had companies turn me down because I’m black despite my many years of experience. It’s crap but unfortunately it’s part of the online teaching world! Despite this, there are great companies out there that will hire you despite your skin colour.

Also unfortunately a lot these companies prefer North American accents but don’t worry as there are plenty of ones that want Brits too. Have a search on the Facebook groups I suggested earlier on.


Most of these companies pay you in dollars which is great for American teachers…not so great for us Brits! The exchange rate is crappy and goes up and down all the time unfortunately! Most companies will pay you up to $15. Some even go up to $25/30


A lot of companies require you to work a set number of hours per week. Others like Cambly don’t require set hours at all. You literally log on an wait for students to call you. The flexibility is fab!


Some companies such as Palfish will fine you for missing classes. You may have over slept or you just forgot out had a class. Not all companies do this but a lot of them do. They’ll deduct money out of your wages unless you have a genuine reasons for missing a class and can prove it e.g a doctors note.

Reputable companies

Camblygreat if you’re just starting out. No minimum hours and they pay you weekly. You can speak to students from all over the world and they operate 24/7

Palfish – Its an app so it’s great as you can use your phone or tablet. They pay you once a month and in RMB.

Landi – I haven’t worked with them but I’ve heard good things and they definitely hire Brits

SayABC – I worked with them briefly last year but they weren’t the right fit for me as I think the classes are too long (most classes are 25 minutes…theirs are 40 minutes)

You can find a good list of companies on this site here

Also check out indeed too!


Some companies will ask you to prove you’re a Brit so you’ll have to send an image of your passport. Be sure to block out any sensitive information!

Umm I think I’ve answered pretty much every question you guys have asked. Feel free to pop anymore in the comments 😊

Good luck and let me know if you get hired by any of these companies 💋💋

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