London Museum of Water and Steam

We were invited to visit the London Museum of Water and Steam. The Story of water and how it gets around London is actually very interesting. I can honestly say we both learned a lot during our visit.

What’s there to do?

So instantly my daughter was drawn to the dressing up section 😀 how cute does she look as a parlour maid?

Straight after we headed outside to the Splash zone.

This area was of course her favourite! I mean what kid doesn’t love playing with water! It’s also super educational too. Kids are encouraged to explore the ways water can move.

Inside the museum there’s plenty to look at and learn about.

It’s amazing to see how the world has changed. Just take a look at this photo. I can’t imagine living at a time where household goods look like this.

As mentioned above we truly learnt a lot during our visit. We saw the story of London’s water supply through different time periods. It’s amazing how far humans have come. From collecting waste in buckets to having a fully working sewage system. Not something nice to think about 🤣 but still interesting!

Almost forgot to mention but you can also take part in story time here! We listened to a funny book about and elephant that didn’t like baths. Little miss thoroughly enjoyed the book and has now asked me to buy it. Straight after this we headed back outside to have a go on the steam train. It’s a short ride but you’re little ones are bound to have a blast!

How much?

You can save yourself 10% by booking online!

Opening hours

Getting there…

It’s a very short walk from Kew bridge station. It’s almost impossible to get lost.

For those of you that drive, there’s free but limited parking available.

We loved it here and will definitely visit again!

More info available here

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