Disneyland Paris – AGAIN!

Disneyland can be crazy expensive so I’m going to show you ways to cut the costs in this post as well as telling you guys about our great experience! We’re did a coach trip again with TK Holidays and this time we’re stayed for 2 nights!

I booked a coach trip for these reasons;

1. The cheapest way to Disneyland is by coach. I’ve looked at all the ways and this is definitely the most cost effective way! I could be wrong but after months of research I can’t imagine that I am 😀

2. This particular company was recommended by a friend…check out her insta she does great days out too!

3. I live close to Victoria coach station which is where our pick up stop was. Much easier than travelling to Gatwick or to where the Eurostar starts.

4. My little ones loves the ferry crossing part of the journey.

5. You don’t have to worry about transfers. You’re dropped right to your hotel door and picked up from the Disneyland coach park.

6.Everything is included in the price

7. Almost forgot to mention but I only paid a £1 deposit (per person)

Price breakdown

So the total was £533. What’s included?

  • Coach travel – charging points and WiFi included
  • Ferry crossing.
  • Disneyland park tickets for 2 people for 2 days. (Under 3s are free and will not have to pay)
  • 2 night stay at Santa Fe hotel – Disneyland Paris

A few weeks before our departure we were sent a letter with our itinerary. I loved how informative it was.

We were even sent pictures of where our pick up stop was so there was no excuse for getting lost.

The journey

The coach was expected to arrive at 6:30pm and leave at 7:15am. The coach didn’t arrive until around 8 due to road accidents. While I’m aware this was an estimate it would’ve been great if we were updated. The last company we travelled with actually sent everyone a mass text to let us know they were running a little late!

We travelled down to Dover to board the ferry. The journey wasn’t that long (1hr 40 mins) and quite pleasant!

There is food, a small play area, toilets and even WiFi available on board

Here’s the price of the WiFi. Not worth it in my opinion. The service wasn’t that bad I’m sure you can last 1hr 40mins without service if necessary.

Bring drinks and snacks with you as the food and drinks were quite pricy. Do what I did and head to Poundland, Lidl, Aldi or wherever you shop and stock up! I’ll come back to food later on…

An hour and 40 mins later we arrived at the port of Calais and proceeded to head towards Disneyland Paris.

We eventually arrived safe and sound at the hotel. I’ll do a proper review of the hotel further down.

Before I go on to talk about our trip I’m going to share some money saving tips…

Have you heard of Monzo? I’ve spoken about it before briefly but it’s a really great card to have when you’re abroad! What I love about this app/bank is the fact you get instant notifications. You buy something using your card you are instantly notified on your phone about where you spent your money and how much you spent. As soon as we arrived in France I received this message.

Other great benefits….

Use your card anywhere – Monzo works all around the world, and you don’t need to tell us if you’re going away.

Take out cash – Withdraw up to £200 every 30 days for free (there’s a 3% charge after that).

Spend for free – They don’t add any fees or charges for spending with your card, and they don’t mark up the exchange rate.

If you want £5 (I’ll also get £5 too) you can sign up to Monzo using my link.

Just follow these instructions: https://join.monzo.com/r/mkgorp2

Save money on food!

The last time we visited Disneyland Paris I bought food and it was awful and very overpriced so I wasn’t trying to do that again!

  • Cheap travel kettle from somewhere like Argos and noodles with be your best friend. Some hotels have kettles and sometimes you can request one. I assume these go quite quickly so I bought my own! You can also buy yourself a food flask to keep your food warm on the go.
  • Snacks snacks snacks – biscuits, crisps, chocolate, you name it…I’ve bought it. Snacks at Disneyland will cost you quite a bit. Cut the cost by bringing your own.
  • Definitely being your own drinks and a reusable water bottle as there are refilling stations around the park.


We stayed at Hotel Santa Fe and I have no complaints. Well I did request the ground floor but got the first. It was annoying going up and down the stairs with a buggy and a toddler but it didn’t put a downer on our trip!

There’s an indoor playground area in this hotel but we didn’t get a chance to visit.

The hotel is just a 20 minute walk from the parks and I strongly suggest walking as the free shuttle bus was a nightmare to get on. Grown people pushing and shoving. It was ridiculous!

Magic hours Check in to a Disney Hotel and enjoy extra magic each day of your stay! Gain exclusive access to parts of the Disney Parks an hour before anyone else!

We did this and it was great! We even managed to get a picture outside the castle with no one else in the background!

Character meet and greet – every morning at 8:15 you have the chance to meet a Disney character at the reception part of the hotel. Little miss got to meet Mickey and Goofy and she loved it!

Day 1!

If you read my previous post then you know I don’t go into Disneyland with a plan. I like to go with the flow. I also don’t tell my daughter any plans as I don’t want to disappoint in case of ride closures and not being able to meet certain characters but if you’re looking to plan your trip there’s a great group on Facebook where you can ask for advice and tips here!

We went on a date that’s considered “low season” meaning less people than normal but I still found it pretty busy but less busy than our day trip back in October last year. We still managed to do LOADS in one day which meant that the next day could be more relaxing.

We did a 6 rides, 3 shows and met 3 Disney characters. I think that’s pretty good for a day.

What we loved!

The 3D ratatouille ride was amazing!

Stitch live was brilliant and something I definitely recommend watching when you visit.

Little miss loved meeting Mickey, Pluto and Donald! She has a blast pretending to be a monster from Monsters INC😀

Illuminations was fabulous! The best way to end the perfect day!

Day 2

It was a Saturday so a lot busier than Friday. We managed just 3 rides, 1 show and a whopping 6 characters! My daughter loved every moment! We were also super lucky to have great weather. At one point we are able to take off our jackets!

I must say the character meets we’re so special! Each one made me daughter so happy! They were so attentive and we didn’t feel rushed at all!


I had someone on Instagram ask me if I felt safe at Disney and I totally did. Safer then I do living in London😀

Security do their job well and there are armed guards patrolling the entrance! There’s honestly no need to worry!

Also if you’re worried about losing your child you can do what I did:

We loved every moment of Disneyland Paris and we’re looking to come back at the end of this year or early next year. It truly is a magical place!

I’ll leave this post with some more pictures and videos 😊 💋

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