Story Glow Box

Reading to your little ones is so important! It helps your child’s mind develop as well as their imagination. I read to little miss almost every night… sometimes I let an audiobook do the work 😀

We were sent an awesome box from Story Glow subscription box service which delivers a story along with fun learning activities that link to the story! I thought this was a pretty cool idea!

What’s inside?

I really loved the packaging which really fits in with the theme “bedtime stories.” The letter being addressed to my little girl was also super sweet. Although she can’t read yet, she recognises her name and was very excited for me to read it to her!

There are a range of different activities in the box as well as the book which the activities all link to. There’s also a little guide to help you with the activities as well as showing you ways to connect with your child when reading with them!

How much?

See below for the subscription options

What I loved

I loved the activities and how they were linked to the book! Particularly the dream catcher activity. We had a lot of fun making it together although it didn’t go exactly to plan 😀

I love reading to my daughter but I also love how she tried to read independently. She was very interested in the book we were given and I believe that part of the reason is because of all the fun activities that were included in the box like making your own map and painting a mermaid.

What little miss loved

She loved all the activities but she really enjoyed the book! She’s got a little obsession with dreams which I believe is due to the fact she loves “A million dreams” from The Greatest Showman soundtrack 🤣 This was the perfect book for her. She was engaged throughout asking me lots of questions and now when it’s bedtime, this is the first book she picks up for me to read to her!


The concept of this box is great and it’s a really good way to prepare your child for school as these are the kind of activities that they would do in an English reading session. This is one of our favourite stay at home activities and I highly recommend it!

You can find out more info and order your own box here.

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