Let’s talk Cinema

So in this post I’ll talk about baby cinema as well as how to make your cinema trips as cheap as possible!

Baby cinema

Did you know you can take your baby to the cinema? Yes you read correctly. These are relaxed screenings where the lights are up a little and the sound isn’t as loud as a normal screening. Sounds good right?

So I know some of your are probably thinking “why on earth would I take a baby to the cinema?” This is one of these things that can be for you too. I don’t know about you but ever since becoming a mother I do find it hard to do certain things like go to the cinema. Why? Because I pretty much have my daughter with my 90% of the time (I need to let go a bit lol I know it’s a process) the other 10% she’s with family.

I was overjoyed when I found out about these baby screenings as I LOVE the cinema!

The baby screenings can be quiet. It all depends on the time and days you go. They can also be very noisy lol remember you’re going to be surrounded by babies but don’t let that put you off. It’s still an enjoyable experience.

Below are the cinemas I’m aware of that do baby screenings. All you have to do is find the ones nearest to you.

Be aware that a lot of the screenings take place in the mornings and there’s a few in the afternoon too.

Normal cinema ticket prices unless stated otherwise.

They usually have a designated area where you can park your buggys too.

Note that most cinemas allow little ones under 18 months in free of charge



Big Scream Club

For parents and guardians with babies under one year old. Membership is free and valid until the baby’s first birthday. Tickets are £9.50 (Picturehouse Members £7.50), babies come free. Weekend screenings are £12.50 (Picturehouse Members £10.50). Only customers with babies will be admitted.

Toddler Time

For preschool children and their parents and carers. Tickets are £3.00 for children, free for accompanying adults. No adult unaccompanied by a toddler will be admitted.


Screenings for parents with babies under 1 year old with lower sound and lights on. 11:30am every Thursday during term time, tickets £4.99 including refreshments.

Adults without babies are not permitted.

Cinebabies @ Cineworld

Everyman cinema baby club

Baby Club is a weekly screening event that enables anyone with a child under 12 months to attend. They show a new release with softened sound and dim lighting throughout for the comfort of the baby. A ticket includes a hot drink and a slice of cake. Seating is unallocated.

Cinema doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

Groupon & Wowcher – both sites often have deals where you can get cheap tickets to the cinema. I’ve seen both Vue and Odeon in the past. It’s worth signing up to their newsletters so you can get those deals as they seem to sell out quickly!

Meerkat movies

Anyone who purchases a qualifying product through comparethemarket.com will be eligible to receive a year’s worth of 2 for 1 tickets to use once on either a Tuesday or Wednesday each week at participating cinemas. You can get travel insurance for as little as £4. It will save you lots so it’s worth looking in to!

You can download the app which will reveal your unique code each week. It will look like this

Ps I won’t be using this code so whoever reads this is more than welcome to use it 😊

Kids movies

Cinema chains such as Vue, Cineworld and Odeon have special screenings on Saturday and Sunday mornings that allow a child and an adult to see a particular movie from just £2.50!




Fever app

If you download the Fever app you can get tickets to Odeon for just £8.49. You can get £5 off by using my code making the ticket just £3.49! Bargain right?!

Hold – The app

Hold is an app which gives you free stuff for not using your phone! You get 10 points for every 20 minutes you don’t use your phone. I have been using this app for a few days and I’ve used my points to get cinema tickets to Vue for just £4.99 PLUS FREE popcorn! It’s a great app and it’s pretty straight forward. Turn it on and don’t use your phone 😀

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