Dear Zoo LIVE

My daughters favourite book is returning to the stage and we’re both super excited! We’ve seen the trailer and it looks amazing!

Dear Zoo is actually the first book my daughter received as a gift and it instantly became a hit! We love when our favourite books are turned into live stage performances.

The tour kicked off in February 2019 in Shewsbury. We were lucky enough to be invited to see the Birmingham show!

It always amazes me how a book (that could be finished in around five minutes) can be turned into a 50 minute stage performance but it was done successfully and all the kids in the audience enjoyed the show including my daughter and even myself!

The interaction the actors had with the kids was amazing. There were a bunch of school children & my daughter in the audience and they all were shouting, laughing and enjoying the show so much!

There were numerous times where the children were encouraged to get up to sing and dance and answer questions. It was also educational as the kids were encouraged to count and identify the different animals that the zoo sent the little boy!

Dear Zoo is such a well-known book that all the kids were able to identify what animals were going to come out of the different crates but that didn’t stop their excitement!

It’s a lovely show especially for those under five. I’m sure they will appreciate the dancing, the singing and the animals that come to life!

You can find out more info and a list of tour dates here

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