LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham

I was super lucky when I came across a great deal on Facebook (now ended) that gave me the opportunity to buy an adult ticket for just £10 with 2 kids under 5 completely FREE to the amazing Legoland Discovery Centre – Birmingham !

It’s been on our list of places to visit for a while now so I thought it would be the perfect way to end 2018!

Now I did post this great deal on my insta story so if you’ve haven’t already then you need to be following us on Instagram as that’s the social media platform I use most!

Instagram: @kiddoadventures_

Ok so back to Legoland Discovery Centre. Little miss loves Lego! I think we go to the Lego store a few times a month just to play 😀

Birmingham isn’t too far from London so this was awesome! I do hope they eventually make one of these in London as it was a brilliant day out and the kids really enjoyed themselves!

So what is it?

Lego heaven 😀 An indoor Lego playground! What’s more could you ask for? There’s a lot to do in one big room. You’re bound to have a blast!

Rides – There are 2 rides available. The first one is available before you actually enter the whole Lego experience and it was a lot of interactive fun! It was quite short but enjoyable.

The second ride is inside the Lego experience and we didn’t actually have a go on this one but it looked like great fun as you are lifted into the air. Definitely something to look forward to when we return!

Miniland – we love this part of Legoland! It’s amazing to see famous architecture made out of tiny pieces of Lego! I commend those who are apart of making them!

The 4D cinema was cool and lasted around 20 minutes. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

There’s soft play there but I think little miss has outgrown soft play now 😀 she was too focused on the Lego to even notice it was there!

Of course there is Lego EVERYWHERE and your kids are encouraged to make want they want!

I think my daughter enjoyed making her own car and racing it against other children the most!

How to get there?

As were from London I’ll talk about how to get there from here! We took a simple train from Euston straight to Birmingham New Street. The whole journey was just under 2 hours and a return ticket was £18! From Birmingham New street, it’s a short bus ride to the attraction. If you don’t know Birmingham that well then do make sure you have plenty of phone battery and google maps! It’s super easy to find!

How much?

As mentioned above we got a special deal but the regular prices are listed below:


I’m always prepared when it comes to food so we didn’t but any there but there is a cafe available.

Important info:

  • There are baby changing facilities there but I must say the toilets were absolutely disgusting. They need staff attending to it regularly!
  • There’s a buggy park available. It is quite small so you may have to fold yours up!
  • Sealife is right opposite the centre so it’s worth looking into any deals that allow you to visit both on the same day!
  • Parking is available
  • The attraction is about 15 minutes from Birmingham new street station
  • You need to book online to guarantee entry!

Would we go back again?

Most definitely! It was well worth the money! We may even try out the one in Manchester next time!

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