Alice in Winterland

Not the best of events if I’m being totally honest! I actually read a few bad reviews before going but I thought I would give it a chance and well… I wasn’t that impressed!

Seeing as The Magic Lantern festival is only in Birmingham this year, I thought this would be the perfect alternative but I was wrong…

I’ll talk a bit about the positives and the negatives!


•No queue! It could be it being a weekday or maybe it’s not that popular but we didn’t have to queue to get in which is always a bonus!

•Lanterns – some of their lanterns were super cute and we took some lovely photos. There were some not so great but I’ll get back to that!

•There are signs and people directing you where to go so it’s almost impossible to get lost finding where it is!


•There were lights that were not even working and we could see the people trying to fix them! Not very professional…surely that should be done when the guests are not there and probably in the day time where the workers could actually see! :/

•Parking! On the website it states that there is no nearby parking when there clearly is! You can park in certain places in Southwark park for 4 hours completely free. I didn’t know this beforehand so I took public transport. Not ideal in this weather!

•Food – there are a few warm food places to choose from but all were overpriced for very small portions. My friend spent £4 on the smallest portion of chips! Luckily we ate before we came!

•lanterns – some were just ridiculously scary for kids. Just look at the pic bellow! What on earth???

•Storytelling- there are these buttons that you can press and have the story of Alice in Winterland read to you! Some of these didn’t work or you couldn’t hear because of the loud Christmas music in the background!

Would I recommend it?

Not if you’re travelling from afar! It would be a waste of a journey but if you’re nearby and you want to see for yourself then why not?

You can buy tickets cheaply on groupon and Wowcher.

Top tip:

Grouponyou can find groupon discount with a quick google search. You can get as much as 30% off so it’s worth having a quick google of “groupon discount codes” it’s sully for first time users(there’s no harm in making a new account 😀)

Wowcher – a little harder to find discount codes online however if you make an account, put something in your basket and leave it for a few days, it’s possible that they will send you £5 off voucher. It’s happened to me twice!

It’s a shame the experience wasn’t that good. I think the kids had an ok time but I definitely wouldn’t go again!

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