Dinotropolis 🦕

We were invited to Bluewater shopping centre’s latest attraction…Dinotropolis!

If your kids are Dinosaur mad then this is most definitely the place for you!

My daughter loved seeing life sized Dinosaur dotted around the huge play space. They also moved from time to time which was super fun!

As the place is new, it was so nice and clean that I actually felt comfortable enough to take my shoes off in a Kids play space for the first time haha!

So one of the first activities my daughter did was colouring in her own dinosaur!

Now this was a really cool activity as once your child has finished their colouring in, you right down their name on the sheet and you scan it and then their work of art and name appears on a screen! Little miss was very impressed!

She then went on to “Build a dinosaur” which was a very fun activity for her. Not only is it super fun (she put it together and took it apart like a hundred times😀) but it’s a great activity for improving those motor skills 👍🏽

Sand glorious sand! 😩my worst nightmare but little miss’ dream! There are 2 sandpits. There’s one where the children can step inside and find Dinosaur bones and the other has cool dinosaur projections projected on to it. My description doesn’t do it much justice haha but all the kids seemed to love it and I thought it looked quite realistic!

Raptor Run – your little ones are encouraged to race around the track and it’s a blast! It’s designed for kids 4+ but little miss was a pro😎

The Dino Jungle takes soft play to new heights!

I have to agree! This isn’t your regular soft play! There’s SO MUCH to do. I don’t want to give too much away but your child will definitely be knackered after a few hours playing in it 😀

Parents of under 3s, theres a fun play area for your kiddies with a big ball pit and fun slides to go down!

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit the Dino Escape but it’s something to look forward to if we ever visit again!

Food – Fossil Cafe

The food was very reasonably priced! Parents even get a free hot drink or a bottle of water which is awesome! We love a freebie!

I took a quick snap of the kids menu!


The toilets were very clean I must say and there at of course baby changing facilities!

Buggy park

Yes there is one available but make sure you ride your valuables. There are also lockers available for a small 20p which is refundable.


Bluewater Shopping Centre has free parking for the whole day


Adults are £5

Under 18mths are Free

19mth + are £12 or £15 if you want to add the Dino Escape experience

Would we go back again?

Most definitely! My daughter had an amazing time and so did I. I went on a few of the slides with her and that was fun 😀

More info can be found here

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