Explorer Tots fun at home!

We were very excited to be gifted with this awesome science Explorer Tots box! We love activities that we can complete from the comfort of our home!

Little miss couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

So there were quite a few different activities in the box for us to complete so we did one a day until they were finished.

The first thing we did was the “Create a liquid rainbow” activity. We tried this activity 3 times but couldn’t get it right for some reason.

Now this is how the activity was suppose to end…with a liquid rainbow in a cup. Although we didn’t get it quite right it was still a fun activity.

We did a bit of counting, we looked at our colours, and little miss followed the instructions quite well! Not only is the activity fun but it’s a great learning opportunity! We’ll try again very soon and hopefully create our rainbow!

Grow a Cress head

I remember doing a similar activity in primary school so it was super fun to do with my daughter! This activity didn’t take that long to complete which was great as we were both a little poorly today!

This activity helped my daughter with her motor skills as she popped the seeds into the cup all by herself with a spoon! We also used this activity to talk about plants and how they grow! Another fun learning experience! We’ll update with a picture once the hair has grown 😀

check out our cress head a few days later…

Make Magnetic Butterflies

Most definitely my daughters favourite activity so far! She LOVES playing with Magnets!

What I loved about this activity is how simple it was to complete. The only assistance little miss needed was with the scissors!

The instructions are easy to follow (you’re provided with an instruction card with all the activities) We were also provided with all the materials we need apart from scissors which we already had!

So there are 2 sides to the card you’re given. One side with all the instructions and the other side will tell you the activity duration, what you will need to complete the activity, the skills your child will learn and also some learning points!

For this activity the keys skills my daughter learned was :

  • Motor skills through cutting and attaching
  • Following numbers and instructions
  • Imaginative role play
  • Investigating, describing and sorting

Build a Skeleton

Another great activity which was very educational! We were given all the materials to build our very own skeleton. I love the fact that the body parts were labelled as it got me and the little one talking about the different parts of our bodies!

This activity also came with a measuring tape so we measured the different parts of our skeleton! It was a great simple introduction to measurement!

There are also other activities in the box too and a guide for parents to help us with the learning part of the activities. I don’t want to give away too much in case you want to check out the box for yourself! It will be a nice surprise :

Little miss has really enjoyed the Explorer Tots box and so have I. It had us talking quite a lot about things I didn’t think she would understand just yet but she has really surprised me as she understood quite a lot! This is the perfect way to have fun at home and learn simultaneously. She has learned new skills that she will benefit from for when she finally starts school!

If you would like anymore info on Explorer Tots then do check out the website here

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