Swimming with Swimming Nature!

Swimming is a valuable life skill and can save lives! Now we travel a lot so we’re always around pools which makes me a little nervous at times as the little one cannot swim just yet!

I actually enrolled her into a swim school at the beginning of November and she’s almost at the end of that term and I must be honest, I haven’t seen much improvement! I’m not expecting her to turn into Michael Phelps over night haha but I can’t say she’s learned much at the school we’re with now.

I was very excited when we were offered 3 complimentary classes with Swimming Nature as I thought a change of class would do her good and I was completely right!

When we were booked in, I was sent a very welcoming email that let me know the name of the instructor with a little bio, the name and the address of our class venue and also the dates of the classes!

I loved how friendly my daughters instructor was with her! I think she giggled in every lesson and she took to him immediately. It’s important that a child doesn’t feel nervous in a pool and he did great in making sure she felt happy!

Her swim instructor focussed heavily on the importance of being able to blow bubbles. He constantly reminded her that she needs to blow bubbles and not drink the water. By the second lesson she was getting the hang of it!

As mentioned above, we’ve been going to a different swim school and after weeks with that school she still couldn’t understand to blow bubbles so I was very impressed with our Swimming Nature instructor!

Not only did my daughter learn a lot but the lessons were also fun! It was brilliant how her instructor used different toys in the class to help introduce new concepts in the pool!

The venue was great too! Clean changing rooms as well as a shallow pool so my daughter was able to stand. She also didn’t require any swimming aids which was great. One less thing to pack!

I think what helped the most was the fact that the lessons was 1-1! The instructor was able to put all his energy into one child and because there were no other children around, my daughter focused a lot more. In our swim school there can be up to 5 kids to 1 teacher so it can be quite manic at times!

Honestly I was very impressed with her lessons and I will be thinking about switching schools for next term and definitely on a 1-1 basis.

I can imagine a 1-1 class being quite expensive but can you really put a price on a life saving skill?

For more info about Swimming Nature so check out their site

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