Hoop App

A lot of people ask me where I find out about all these fun kids events and well if I’m not searching on Google or Facebook then I’m on this magnificent app called “Hoop”

Now I’m only one person so while my blog AND instagram are GREAT for reviews and finding out what’s on, the Hoop app is great for finding out about LOCAL events to you. As I’m based in London, a lot of events I post are in London (although we do a lot of travelling around the U.K.)

With the Hoop app you can find your local swimming lessons, what’s on at your local children’s centre, local half term activities etc!

I found out about Action Amanda on Hoop and my daughter LOVES going to her classes!

The App

You an filter events by age which saves you a lot of time !

You’re able to pick a date and find out what’s going on, on that date

Theres a list of popular activities which is great. It saves you time if you’re a very busy person!

There’s also a very good list of free events which is great! Kids are expensive as it is so it’s always good to know what free events are going on!

You’re also able to save activities you’re interested in and come back to them at a later date!

There has been times where users have been given £5 to use on an activity on the app so it’s definitely downloading which you can do through your App Store!

We love Hoop and can’t wait to see even more activities on the app! 🙂

Published by Mummybloggernat

Mum of 1 trying to make both our lives as fun as possible :)

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