Seussical the Musical

Wow wow wow! What a brilliant show. We love Dr Seuss and we LOVE musicals so the two combined was bound to be a hit!! This is the story of the very mischievous Cat in The Hat who’s crazy antics gets Jojo Who into trouble. Horton the lovely and caring elephant that tries to protect his a small speck of dust and Gertrude Mcfuzz who can’t get Horton to notice she loves him! It’s one big Seussical mash up!

Photo – Courtesy of Adam Trigg

Now if you’ve read any other of our theatre trip reviews then you know we are BIG BIG fans of audience interaction and trust me there’s a lot in this performance! So many of the characters came and interacted with my daughter. Whether it was a high five or a mini conversation, she loved it! She actually asked if we could take the cat home haha!

The Cat in the Hat was hilarious in every way possible! From his dancing, to his constant costume change! From the audience reactions I could tell he was a big hit!

Photo – Courtesy of Adam Trigg

It’s a perfect way to spend some family time and there’s something for everyone! A cheeky joke or two for adults, beautiful bright lights and costumes for kids and amazing singing for everyone! It’s a show not to be missed!

Photo – Courtesy of Adam Trigg

There’s no way you can watch this show without laughing and if you can then you’re probably just a Grinch 😀😉. So many hilarious moments. It was good enough to see again and that’s something I’m looking into. I’m just trying to find time in our very busy schedule 😀

I also reached out to another mama who had seen the great performance with her son! She loved it too and this is what she had to say:

I’ve never been to the theatre before with Mekhi because I’ve always worried about whether he would sit still throughout. Sounds silly I know. Toddler’s have a short attention span but I guess when they like something that changes because we’ll… On Tuesday I took him to watch Seussical the Musical and boy did he sit still! The staff were really accommodating and made sure we were settled in our seats before the show started.

The musical was absolutely magical, maybe I’m being biased because I loved Dr. Seuss books and films growing up but it was so well put together! We watched it at the Southwark Playhouse, the venue was very intimate but this added to the warmth of the show. Every now and then the performers would come into the stalls and involve us in the show, whether it was The Cat in the Hat blowing bubbles or JoJo telling us to cheer on. The Cat in the Hat was hilarious and used adult humour but it was adult enough to go over even the teenagers heads.

Thank you HiccupsAndCuddles for your review!

She also has her own blog

Photo – Courtesy of Adam Trigg

As you can see we both really enjoyed the show and so did our kids!

There’s plenty of time to catch the show! Tickets and any other info you made need can be found here!

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