An afternoon at Kidzania

My reviews are always honest whether I paid for an event or not! We were given tickets to visit Kidzania and it was a good day out but unfortunately there were a few let downs! I’ll talk about all the positives before I get to the negatives!

So what is it ?

“An indoor city run by kids”

Where is it?

Westfield London, Ariel Way, W12 7GA – right next to M&S

How much?

What I love about Kidzania is the way it gets your kids thinking about the sort of career they want when they’re older!

It’s never too early to get them talking about it! If your child has a talent you must do your best to nurture that talent!

When we’re first arrived we “checked in” at British Airways. All kids and parents are given these electronic wristbands that allows you track where your kids are in the city which is brilliant and gives you peace of mind. It’s also a way to keep track of any professional photos that are taken of your kids. Your kids are also given some Kidzania money as they get to spend it at different parts of the city. They also get to make money by doing certain jobs! They were also given hair nets for when they put on hats for dress up and when entering parts of the city that involved food prep.

My 8 year old nephew and 3 year old daughter were very excited to begin their Kidzania experience. My 11 month old niece (Kidzania is free for under 1s) didn’t really do much as there isn’t much to do for that age but I’ll get to that very soon!

Now there’s PLENTY to do at Kidzania for older kids but because of how busy it was, we didn’t do as much as I thought we would.

They headed straight toward the Kidzania Police department as it had the shortest queue!

I must be honest, I’m not quite sure what this activity entailed as parents kind of have to watch from a distance but my daughter and nephew had a good time and they got paid for this job so they were very happy!

We the split off! My nephew went to The Metro Newspaper part of the city and made his own newspaper article which he loved doing!

Meanwhile my daughter was at the hospital baby care unit taking care of some newborns! It was a super cute experience which she loved! The babies also moved and sounded like real babies which again she loved! Now she constantly wants to play doctors and nurses at home so that’s amazing!

We then tried out the supermarket which was again a super fun experience for my daughter. It was great because you can either choose to be a cashier or a shopper. My daughter when around the shop with her trolley picking up all the sweets and chocolates of course 🤣(don’t worry they’re not real)

We then went upstairs to see what activities they had for under 4s. There’s 2 play areas for under 4s which I guess is ok as they don’t really understand but the toys were very worn out and quite a few were dirty. We didn’t spend much time in these rooms at all!

My daughter did love dressing up in a lab coat and playing with bubbles for a few minutes.

Now on to the unfortunate let downs of our trip. Kidzania was very manic for me. My nephew and daughter enjoyed themselves but I found a few problems that I hope to be fixed before we come back again!

Lifts – you can only use a lift when there’s a member of staff present (its key operated) I understand the reason for it as it’s for wheelchair users and buggy users and not just lazy people BUT there were never any staff around. I had to help my sister up the stairs with the buggy with my 11 month old niece. Not ideal especially as I have back problems!

Queueing – any sort of kids attraction like this is going to require queuing which is absolutely fine but there were parents encouraging their kids to jump the queues and all sorts. I saw a few mini arguements which was just ridiculous. I would personally like to see staff controlling the queues to avoid situations like this !

As mentioned above, dirty toys for the under 4 rooms! Kidzania got under 4s is quite a limited experience. I would be very annoyed if I had paid £10 for my child to visit only to play with worn out dirty toys! You can do that at any soft play for half the price!

Like I said above there’s so much more at Kidzania to do! There’s an Aviation academy, a bank, cricket, a dance club, courier service and so much more and for that reason we will return just so we can experience the whole thing! We will most like come again on a weekday where I hope it isn’t as busy and manic!

It was a good day despite some of the let downs!

I would suggest if you are to visit, wait until your child turns 4! There’s things to do for under 4s but it’s very limited!

Check your child’s school inset day and go on that day! Avoid weekends at all cost if you want to have a good day out!

You can find more info about Kidzania here

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